Barganic Alert: Frontier Co-Op Wholesale Buying Club & Haul Video

As I’ve mentioned before, I love doing Barganic Alerts because they make living a more natural, “crunchy” lifestyle more affordable. I think that if you have want to make healthier choices relative to how you eat, clean your home, care for your body, etc., than finances should not stand in your way. In that spirit, I wanted to share what has been a wonderful money saving find for our family for many years; the Frontier Co-op wholesale buying club. (Please note that I am not affiliated with Frontier and this post is not sponsored in any way).

Frontier Co-op is the company behind the aromatherapy and personal care brand Aura Cacia, as well as the natural and organic herb, spice, and mix lines Frontier, and Simply Organic. Through the Frontier Co-op, you can purchase items from these lines as well as from over 250 other brands making natural and organic food, personal care, home care, green beauty, clothing, supplement, and more items than you can imagine. I tell people that it is like going to your local health food store and looking on the left side of the store only. Frontier doesn’t carry the fresh produce and perishable food that the local HFS store has off to the right, but just about anything else that you’d find at the local HFS, you’ll find at Frontier.

What sets Frontier apart is that the wholesale pricing is generally far less than you’ll find elsewhere paying full retail. In addition to the regular wholesale pricing, they also have monthly sales where a selection of items are an added percentage off; sometimes as much as 30% off the wholesale price. Accordingly, I try to stock up on our staples (toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner, shaving cream, dish soap, laundry soap, organic spices, etc.) when they go on sale. You do not need to buy items in large quantities, but you do need a minimum order to qualify for free shipping. There is an annual membership fee of $10, or you can purchase as a non-member for a 5% up-charge.

I have been a member buying with Frontier for about ten years. At different times, I ran co-op groups through, with friends from our Waldorf school, and with family members. The minimum order is low enough that it usually doesn’t take too many people to put together an order.

There are occasions when I can find a given item for less from other online retailers, or locally with sales and coupons. Generally though, Frontier has the best deals for us, and it makes using healthier products easier on our budget. I love, and frequent, our area health food stores for my fresh and perishable goods, to shop sales, and for items that we need on the spur of the moment. Shopping Frontier for the non-perishable household staples makes the budget stretch for other things like organic eggs, meats, and produce, quality supplements, or healthcare choices not covered by insurance.

What I purchase from Frontier varies with each order. Their catalog is positively enormous, and I can’t even venture to guess how many thousands of items they must offer. To give you a sample of some of the products that they carry and that we order, I recorded a haul video of my unboxing the other day. I do not typically order so much candy. The Halloween Fairy heard that I was placing an order and asked if she could add some items to it. In the spirit of a co-op it seemed wrong to say no.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments. Do you participate in any co-ops in your community?

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