Beauty Heroes Subscription Box Unboxing and Review-September 2015

Beauty Heroes natural, green, subscription box

Beauty Heroes is a recently rebranded subscription service (formerly Spa Heroes). The Beauty Heroes mission is to provide products from the best of the best non-toxic, clean, green beauty brands to their customers. Each month Beauty Heroes sends one full size product, sometimes with a bonus surprise. Products are chosen to fit with the season, and are screened to avoid an impressive laundry list of villain ingredients such as parabens, mineral oil, and triclosan; and to include natural superpower ingredients to nurture your skin such as turmeric, reishi mushroom, and sea buckthorn. Beauty Heroes boxes cost $39.00/month (shipping included) and are less with multi-month subscriptions. Subscribe now and use code HEROLOVE to get $10 off of your first box. Orders placed by September 15th will receive the September box reviewed here, while supplies last.

When I first discovered Beauty Heroes, I mistakenly thought that they were based in the UK and did not ship to the US (I have no idea why). I was so happy to learn that I was wrong. Beauty Heroes is based in the US and will ship not only to the US but also to the UK, Canada, Australia, Sweden, and France (see site for details).

I purchased this box and was not compensated in any way for this review, although review may contain affiliate links. All opinions are my own.

If you would like to see the live-action unboxing, please enjoy the video unboxing below. If you prefer to skip right to the product close-ups and details, scroll down past the video.

The box came with a big, bright “Beauty Heroes” label. I opened it to find an enclosure announcing this month’s expert selection; listing the ingredients and highlighting why it was chosen (more on that in a moment). The enclosure also included an apropos quote from Maya Angalou, “When you know better, you do better,” and a handy pocket guide listing both villain and superpower ingredients to notice in cosmetic, skincare, and beauty products. I think that this pocket guide would be great to carry around as a reference when shopping for personal care items.

When I lifted up the puff of protective packing shred, I was delighted to see this month’s product mysteriously shrouded in tissue, and decked out in a bright red bow and matching red superhero mask. I thought that it was just adorable and made a clear and lasting impression that some beauty products can be superheroes for our health and beauty, whereas others may not. Tucked in next to my masked superhero product was a faithful “bonus” sidekick.

The brand being highlighted this month is Kahina Giving Beauty. I had become familiar with the brand when researching for A Night for Green Beauty. I had learned that Kahina is a woman-owned company started Katharine L’Heureux after travels to Morocco introduced her to argan oil, a seemingly wondrous skincare ingredient that the Berber women of Morocco have been using for generations to protect their skin against the rough desert conditions. Katharine brought together her years of experience working in public relations for many natural food and beauty brands, along with her philanthropic nature to develop Kahina Giving Beauty. Kahina partnered with the Berber women to establish cooperatives of women to provide high quality argan oil for the beauty line; providing these women with a fair wages and a sustainable source of income. For more on this incredible brand and the story behind their unique packaging, you can see the video above.

Just prior to A Night for Green Beauty I had cashed in Birchbox points that I had been squirreling away and had ordered a number of green beauty products that I wanted to try, including the Kahina facial cleanser. I have been using the cleanser for the last month or so and have been very happy with its efficacy, and its light, natural scent. My skin has been soft and balanced. When Beauty Heroes released its September pick and announced that it would feature a full size Kahina Giving Beauty product with a travel size sidekick, I was sold.

Beauty Heroes September 2015 subscription bo Kahina Giving Beauty Eye Serum

When I unwrapped my Beauty Hero product, I was gazing at a full size bottle of the Kahina Eye Serum (15 ml, value $78.00). As mentioned, Beauty Heroes had already revealed the box contents, so I knew that this was on the way to me, and I was very eager to try it. I have been on the lookout for a nourishing eye product. I tend to have a lot of darkness under my eyes, which I do not love. I also am very sensitive to eye products. Many of them have left me with scaly patches under my eyes that take a long time to correct. I was on the prowl for a gentle and effective eye serum that would be green and healthy for me as well. Facial and eye serums can be quite an investment so I was grateful to have the opportunity to try this eye serum from a trusted green beauty brand for a discounted price. I will add that a little drop of the serum is plenty for the area around both of my eyes so I can see this bottle lasting a very long time. The serum in light and non-greasy. It absorbs quickly and has a very gentle, natural scent. I have only been using it for a couple of days so I cannot comment much about efficacy, but I will say that the skin around my eyes is very soft and I have not had any sign of the serum drying out the super-sensitive skin under my eyes.

Beauty Heroes non-toxic Kahina Giving Beauty facial lotion

The sidekick product tucked in next to our hero was a generous travel size bottle of Kahina’s Facial Lotion (30 ml, stated value $37.00). This lightweight moisturizer also has a natural, gentle scent. It spread over my skin easily and absorbed quickly on its own, and I liked that I could enrich it even more for evening or dry weather by adding a drop or two of a facial oil (as I am prone to doing because I like to gild lilies). Moreover, in addition to being natural, mildly scented, and pleasant to use, both products came in Kahina’s beautiful dark glass bottle with pump dispensers, allowing me to use just the right amount of product and avoid contamination from the outside world (basically, my fingers).

Beauty Heroes September subscription box Kahina Giving Beauty

I am beyond thrilled with my first Beauty Heroes experience. The product quality, packaging, information, and value were all excellent. I must admit that I get a bit nervous with subscription services that send only one main product each month because it can be quite a gamble. I feel far safer betting on Beauty Heroes after seeing the brands that they have chosen to work with in the past and the extent to which they scrutinize products to make sure that they are sending out the true heroes of green beauty. Their list of avoided villain ingredients is the most extensive that I have seen of any green beauty subscription to date. In addition, Beauty Heroes releases the contents of their monthly box at the start of the month, allowing the month-to-month subscribers to skip the month for whatever reason if they wish (see Beauty Heroes FAQs for details). Beauty Heroes also maintains a shop of products from many of the brands that they have featured. All Beauty Heroes members are offered a 15% discount off of shop purchases at any time. In addition, the hero theme is carried out so brilliantly through the product inserts, consumer education, and packaging. I was right in my video prediction. That mask did make its way into the children’s hands. The next time I went into Asher’s room, I spied Bongo giving me the side eye.

Beauty Heroes mask finds a new superhero

I would love to hear your thoughts or experiences with Beauty Heroes. If you want to get your hands on this fantastic Kahina box, do not delay. You must order on or before Tuesday September 15th to receive this box. Remember to use the code HEROLOVE for $10 off of your first box. Orders placed September 16 or later will receive the October box as their first shipment.

If you would like to see my most recent listing of “crunchy-friendly” subscription boxes, you can find that here. It does not have Beauty Heroes on the list, but they will be added to the autumn update very soon. To see other crunchy subscription box video unboxings, look here on the Crunchy Parent You Tube channel. If you have any suggestions or requests for future videos, please let me know in the comments, and be sure to subscribe to Crunchy Parent.

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