BuddhiBox Subscription Unboxing & Review: September 2015

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BuddhiBox is a lifestyle subscription service bringing mindful living products to use in your yoga practice and to enhance your life. Products are ethically source, cruelty-free, and created with intention. BuddhiBox is guided by the principles of discovery, union, and compassion; hoping to help you discover new products and for you share them with your community. In the spirit of compassion, BuddhiBox donates a portion of each box’s cost to a new charity each month. Every box includes 4-6 full-size items for $30.95/month (shipping included). There are discounts on multi-month subscriptions.

I purchased this box and all opinions are my own.

If you would like to see the live-action unboxing, please enjoy the video unboxing below. About 1/3 of the way through the video, the Universe decided to shine a spotlight on me, making me all glowy for the remainder of the video, so that was kind of special. If you would like to skip along to the closeup photos and review information, scroll right on down.

The box was well packaged in an outer shipping box. Everything arrived to me safely and intact, although I think that one item leaked somewhere along the way. I was really struck with BuddhiBox’s presentation. The box had several useful cards and inserts and the box itself was jam-packed with goodies.

BuddhiBox unboxing & review yoga card, co our hair & body butter; greenbeauty

The first insert that I saw was a yoga pose card. Each month BuddhiBox includes a “Yogicard” to highlight a single yoga pose. My card this month was Downward Facing Dog, a pose with which I am familiar and enjoy. I loved that the card had a cute illustration, described the benefits of the pose for the body, and gave step-by-step instructions for the correct form of the pose. I think that these Yogicads are fantastic, and intend to create a little deck that we can select from when we want to practice a pose or two after school or at other times when we want to be centered or grounded. I think that all three kids will enjoy using these cards, and I will look forward to using the cards with them. Other inserts included a pasta recipe from Ground 2 Table (more on that in a moment) and a the description card for the box contents, which also featured a nice quote from Paul Coelho. I appreciated that the description card not only listed the items included, a bit about them, and their values, but also indicated which items were vegan, organic, and/or cruelty-free. The card also highlighted Sgt. Pepper’s Friends, a dog rescue organization that is the recipient of this month’s charitable contributions.

Being the green beauty fan that I am, the first item that I grabbed out of the box was the Co-Pur Hair & Body Butter (7 oz., value $22.00). I could not find the product listed on the Co-Pur site, but I think that it is the same as this Hair Mask (ingredients, size, and pricing are all the same). Co-Pur is an up-and-coming green beauty brand whose products I have been beginning to collect and sample, so I was excited to see this included in the box. I think that a portion of the product must have leaked out at some point, because the jar was only about 2/3 full and when I weighted it it was less than 7 oz. even in the container. That said, the product inside smells great with lavender tempered a bit by the citrus scent of the bergamot. I have not yet tried it on my hair, but the blend of shea butter along with the coconut and avocado oils was fairly light on my skin, but very moisturizing. I think that this would be great for using after bath or shower, and I am looking forward to trying it as a deep-conditioning pre-treatment for my thick, dry hair before the Midwest winter takes hold.

BuddhiBox unboxing & review: organic spices, no sweat athletic detergent, essential oil headache relief

The next item that I pulled out of the box, was No Sweat detergent, specifically designed to remove stains and odor from your workout gear while protecting and preserving stretchy fabric (4 oz., value $6.00). I really like this product for a yoga-themed box. I personally am really sensitive to artificial fragrance, and the Sweet Freesia scent included was pretty strong. I don’t think that I’d do well with it right up against my sweaty skin when I workout. I was pleased to see a fragrance-free variety on the No Sweat website though so I may have to pick some of that up and give it a try.

Another item tucked into the box was a small packet of Ground 2 Table’s organic spice blend #9, an Italian spice blend that combines the basil, oregano, and rosemary (.07 oz., value $2.00). This spice blend was called for as an ingredient in the enclosed recipe for “Pasta alla Norma”. I like that Ground 2 Table has a mission to transform the way that we buy and use spices. They package all of their spices into single-use packets to promote the use of fresher, more flavorful spices in our food, and to encourage us as consumers to buy just what we need and eliminate excess and waste. I think this is admirable and know that I have spices in my cabinet that have probably been there longer than they should have been. That said, $2.00 for a single serving of spice blend would probably not be a sustainable price point for me to use on a regular basis versus the cost of fresh or larger multi-use, organic spices; not to mention the environmental cost of the single-serve plastic packaging. The pasta recipe that Ground 2 Table included for the box did include gluten and dairy, but with an easy swap to gluten free rice penne and leaving out the small bit of ricotta cheese called for in the recipe, we can all enjoy it. This may be on the menu here very soon.

Another small but mighty item hiding away in the box was The Ease Up headache and tension relief rollerball by The Essential Nest (10 ml., value $14.00). I have received products like this in past subscription boxes and I am happy to have another. The rollerball blends sweet almond oil with essential oils of peppermint, basil, and lavender to provide relief from headache pain and stress. I love keeping these in my purse (great for diaper bags too). When a headache strikes, I rub the oil on my temples or at the base of my head/neck. I also find that sniffing the rollerball can help settle an upset stomach (peppermint is good for that).

BuddhiBox yoga subscription-vegan gluten free macaroon, YogaAmytime.com free membership, Love reusable snack pouch

Some of my favorite items waited for the end of the unboxing. The Rickaroons macaroon was a happy discovery (single cookie, value $3.00). I love macaroons, but sometimes they are made with wheat flour or include dairy. These macaroons are vegan and gluten free and are nutritionally punched up with the addition of almond butter. Their “Megaroon” variety even adds ground chia seeds. We received the Chocolate Blonde variety, which was studded with big dark chocolate chips, much to the delight of Eva and myself who polished it off immediately following the unboxing. The cookie was dense and delicious. I could have gobbled the whole thing myself, but was happy to share. It always thrills the kids when we receive gluten free and casein free treats in subscription boxes that they can discover and enjoy as well. They are so used to being told that they can’t eat something due to its ingredients that they are really excited to be given the green light to try a treat.

The next thing that I grabbed was an absolutely adorable two-pack of Love Reusable Bags snack pouches (2 bag set, value $12.00). What an appropriate name, because I love these bags. We had made a decision to try to cut down on single-use plastic bag use in the children’s school lunches this year. We got each kid a set of reusable snack bags and have really liked using them not just for the children’s lunches but also to bring snacks along on weekend outings, so I was very grateful to receive another set. I think that the whale pattern that we received is very cute and I really appreciate that the bags are top-rack dishwasher safe and also have a band across the front to write the child’s name. They are a great size for sandwiches and snacks. Alina has already asked if she can adopt this set and re-assign her former set to “family weekend use.” This was a big hit with us.

The last item was a card with a unique code for 30 days of free, unlimited access to YogaAnytime.com (value $18.00). I have never tried an online yoga subscription service, but I am really excited to give this a go. I have been debating about joining a local recreation center or gym so that I can have access to additional classes, but the times and types of classes offered aren’t always a good fit for me. I really like the idea that anytime I want, I can just unroll my yoga mat at home and select the type of yoga class that I want to do. The classes vary based on the style of yoga, level of intensity of the practice, and length of the video, and even can be searched according to the area of the body that you wish to target (e.g., core, internal organs, or spine to name a few). I am particularly partial to Vinyasa yoga, and saw over 100 Vinyasa videos to choose from in addition to videos in other yoga styles and meditation videos as well. I will be starting my YogaAnytime practice this afternoon, and am very excited. I also plan to have Rich give the meditation videos a go since he likes meditation but often does not find the time to meditate on his own. I saw on their site that YogaAnytime.com is offering a free 15 day trial on their site at the moment if you didn’t get this month’s BuddhiBox and want to give it a try.

BuddhiBox yoga lifestyle subscription boc September 2015 complete unboxing and review

In total this month’s BuddhiBox had a product retail value of $77.00 in addition to the yoga card and recipe, which I think is fantastic. Given that this is my first BuddhiBox, I am not sure if this value is typical, but I can say that the box made a great first impression. I am really thrilled with the quality and variety of the items included in the box. Not every single item was a perfect match for me, but overall the box really hit it out of the park and we will get great use out of the majority of the goodies included. I discovered a number of new products and services and am excited about what the box had for me, for my kids, and for our whole family. I am looking forward to next month’s box and have a feeling that this box will be a new addition to our list of favorites.

What do you think of BuddhiBox? Are you as excited as I am to see the “crunchy, zen, mindful” subscription box market expanding?

To see other crunchy subscription box video unboxings, look here on the Crunchy Parent You Tube channel. If you are interested in finding “crunchy-friendly” subscription boxes to enhance the way you live, eat, craft, play, care for you home and body, etc. you can find that here. If you have any suggestions or requests for future videos or unboxings, please let me know in the comments, and be sure to subscribe to CrunchyParent!

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