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  • When making a wool dryer ball, how much wool batting/ roving is needed? I see Peace Fleece has 1 pound bundles, but I am wondering how many ball I will be able to make from that.

    • Kim, when I make the balls I size them to be about 3.5″-4″ across once fully felted. This generally ends up being around 1.5 oz. of wool per ball, so about 10 per pound would be my conservative estimate. I am not sure if you plan to use some of Peace Fleece’s colors for the balls or if you plan to use just natural wool. If you are sticking with natural, or making a lot of balls with a natural core and a colorful top layer as I did in the video, you will find the natural wool batting (core wool) from West Earl Woolen Mills to cost about half the price per pound, shipped. I always buy my core wool from them and get my colors from Peace Fleece and other online sources. I can’t get over how popular dryer balls have become. This would make a very fast and affordable holiday gift. Let me know how yours turn out.

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