Cosmic Box Indie Subscription Unboxing and Review-September 2015

Crunchy Parent Cosmic Box Subscription Unboxing & Review September 2015

The Cosmic Box is a recently launched indie subscription service aimed at sending you a cosmically amazing care package for the soul. This lifestyle box is curated by a holistic nurse, and is designed for the free-spirited and eco-conscious. Each box includes a mix of 3-6 trial and full size products, or 1-2 luxury full size items. Every box is hand packed and sent with heaps of love. You will find items ranging from toxin free skin care, organic/gmo free artisan edibles, unique home goods, gems and more. A portion of the sale from every box goes to support a charity, which varies from month-to-month. The September and October Cosmic Boxes are already sold out, but orders are currently being taken for the November Box.

Boxes cost $27 per month, which includes shipping. I purchased this box and was not compensated in any way for this review. All opinions are my own. You can check out my other Cosmic Box reviews here.

If you would like to see the live-action unboxing, please enjoy the video unboxing below. If you prefer to skip right to the product close-ups and details, scroll down past the video.

The box came well-packaged in a small white box, which is only significant if you know that the past two months the box was brown. This is probably of little interest to most everyone but me, however it is distinctive that the box varies in size, shape, and color each month. Keeps me guessing! Everything arrived to me safe and intact. Cosmic Box generally is very eco-conscious with their shipping materials, using boxes just large enough to fit the goodies of the month, and packaging with tissue paper and paper shread rather than plastic or styrofoam.

The Cosmic Box review 12 Gypsy Toner

As with my last box, there was a small enclosure card that gave a bit of information about the items in the box and included a little note and photo from Kat, the founder and curator of The Cosmic Box. Kat also runs a sister company, Wild Honey Apothecary that makes small-batch, skincare and body items using wild harvested botanicals. As of this month, the website description of The Cosmic Box indicates that each month will feature a Wild Honey Apothecary product. The first tissue-wrapped bundle that I unwrapped was a travel size bottle of Wild Honey Apothecary 12 Herbs Gypsy Toner (1 oz., value $21.00). The ancient recipe infuses twelve organic herbs into apple cider vinegar using the light of the moon and of the sun to enhance the infusion. The brew, which also includes honey and witch hazel can be used as an occasional hair rinse as well, but with my head of hair, and ounce would be gone in a snap. I will stick to using the toner on my face. I found it somewhat astringent but not terribly harsh. It removed the last bits of soil and oil remaining on my face after I cleansed, and it smelled like a really delicious salad; reminiscent of cucumbers, vinegar and herbs. The website does not list the specific ingredients, but I do not have any allergies or concerns about topical use of herbs. Those who may have a sensitivity to particular plants may want to inquire about the ingredients before using.

Cosmic Box unakite tumbled stone bracelet

The next item that I found in the box was a sweet little drawstring bag, stamped with an owl, the “spirit animal” of The Cosmic Box. Inside the bag was an unakite tumbled stone bracelet. I was not familiar with unakite before, at least not by name. According to The Cosmic Box, unakite helps to rid negative and stagnant energies. I appreciated that the bracelet was strung onto a stretchy cord. I have large wrists and sometimes standard fitted bracelets won’t work for me. This bracelet was easy to take on and off. The stones are substantial in size and weight, and a very pretty mottled olive and salmon color. I am not sure how I feel about the bracelet just yet. I am oddly sensitive to the feeling of bracelets moving around on my wrists so I’m seeing if I can get used to this one or if it is destined to be sent along to someone who is less “Princess and the Pea”-like about her wrists. TCB did not list a value for this item and I found tremendous variability online when I searched for tumbled stone unakite bracelets (e.g., $1.50-$30.00+) so I am not quite sure how to value it here.

Cosmic Box sage smudging and S. W. Basics lip balm

Making the box smell absolutely delicious was my next discovery, a 6” white sage smudging wand (estimated value $6.00). If you have read any number of my prior posts you know that I have an affinity for white sage and many plants of the Southwest. I find the smell to be delightful. White sage is traditionally used for smudging purposes; to clear negative energies from a space or an individual. Since moving in August I have received sage, cedar, sweetgrass, and other smudging plants from numerous subscription boxes. I think that the Universe was making its point clear, and I smudged the house thoroughly with sage (to clear negative energies) and then with sweetgrass (to invite positive energies) within days of this unboxing. Let the good times roll!

The final item in the box had been teased earlier in the month; a cocoa butter lip balm from S. W. Basics (.15 oz, value $4.00). I was familiar with S. W. Basics from A Night for Green Beauty but I have not tried any of their products, so I was excited to get this balm. The balm is organic and fair trade, and contains only three ingredients to nourish lips. As it happens, I absolutely adore the scent of cocoa butter (when I worked at The Body Shop back in high school, their cocoa butter stick was my favorite product based on smell factor alone). I am all too happy to have a lip balm with no added scent whatsoever. We also use loads of lip balms in the fall and winter so I am confident that this will be put to good use very soon.

I have been noticing the “crunchy, zen, mindful” subscription box market growing significantly in recent months and I think that The Cosmic Box is a great option in the zen lifestyle genre. I think that the box is well-curated, and well-rounded. I appreciate having someone like-minded searching out products that are a good fit for my lifestyle and my values and then sending them to me to discover and enjoy. I also like knowing that Kat, the box curator, has a hand in the making of at least one item in every box.

Cosmic Box subscription September 2015 complete unboxing  review

The overall value of this month’s box was a little difficult to estimate given the wide variety in unquote bracelet pricing, but I think that it is fair to say the value was around $45.00-$50.00, which I think is a good value for a lifestyle box of this genre that emphasizes indie small-batch products, and quality ingredients. I am very much anticipating the October box, which will have a Supermoon/Harvest Moon theme. Our whole family was captivated by last week’s red, supermoon, lunar eclipse and I love the idea of that special energy being captured in a box. As mentioned above, the box is already sold out, but I will review it for those who were unable to get one. TCB boxes have been selling out in advance the last couple of months, so if you’re thinking about grabbing the November box, you might want to act fast.

Have you tried out The Cosmic Box yet? How do you think it compares to other crunchy, zen lifestyle boxes?

If you would like to see the most recent Crunchy Parent List of Crunchy-Friendly Subscription Boxes, you can find that here. To see other crunchy subscription box video unboxings, look here on the Crunchy Parent You Tube channel. If you have any suggestions or requests for future videos or reviews, please let me know in the comments, and be sure to subscribe!

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