Disclosures and Legal Whatnot

I write and edit this blog. The thoughts, opinions, and experiences expressed are my own and therefore represent an extension of me. You may not take material that I have published and reprint it without my permission (you can email me and ask at crunchyparent@sbcglobal.net). As I tell my children, if you do something that I have told you not to do, I will likely discover it in time and get pretty upset. If you ask me though, I may very well say yes and we will all feel much better about the whole thing.

You can feel free to reprint a quote from something that I have written, provided that the quote is 100 words or less and links back to the original article on my blog. If you do choose to republish a partial post of 100 words or less, it must be a direct quote and retain all of my original links, unless otherwise directly specified by me. You can also always link to my articles from your blog or be inspired by something that I have said or done and create your own original work. Reprinting anything longer than 100 words that I have written requires the aforementioned permission. No biggie, just respecting my work and my time. Thanks.

Also, I will accept free products, tickets, services, travel etc. for reviews, giveaways, or other purposes. I will always disclose if a review, giveaway, or other content has been sponsored. All opinions will remain my own and will not be influenced by sponsorship.

Some of my posts may at times contain affiliate links. All this means is that if you purchase through a link in a post, I may receive some small commission or referral benefit. This helps to defray the cost of running my blog, and of purchasing items for review.