GlobeIn Benefit Basket Subscription Unboxing and Review-August 2015

GlobeIn Benefit Basket August 2015

GlobeIn is a subscription service bringing fairly traded artisan items from around the world. Their Artisan Box subscription packs 4-6 items from a selected theme into one of their signature, handwoven, Mexican baskets for $35.00/month. Their newly introduced Benefit Basket subscription takes one of the items from the monthly Artisan Box and sends it to subscribers in a Mexican basket for $19.99/month (shipping free, and less with multi-month subscriptions). GlobeIn recently ran a promotion offering one month free with a three month Benefit Basket subscription, bringing the cost down to $12.65/basket. I thought it was the perfect opportunity to try out this new service.

I purchased this box and all opinions are my own.

Globein Benefit Basket subscription August 2015

If you would like to see the live-action unboxing please enjoy the video unboxing below. I’m still trying to find the right setting in the new house for unboxing so please bear with the boring backgrounds and poor lighting while I try to figure it all out. If you watch the video you might get to see me juggle (or perhaps not). If you prefer to skip right to the product close-ups and details, scroll down past the video.

I really liked the Globe In box. It has great artwork and I really liked the graphic “clue” about this month’s theme and what was inside. It definitely had a unique personality.

GlobeIn benefit basket review August 2015

One of the reasons that I felt confident giving this subscription a try was because I knew that each month’s box would include one of GlobeIn’s beautiful palm leaf baskets (value $12.00). I really appreciate the reusable packaging and the covered basket is such a versatile size. I can seeing us using it in the kids’ bedrooms or playrooms to hold anything from craft supplies, crayons, toys, shells, rocks, and more. I can also see using these as reusable gift wrap. They would add so much to the presentation of a gift. I thought that the vibrant fuschia basket that I received this month was really beautiful. I also thought that the added touch of the beautiful photograph, name, and brief story about the artisan and group who crafted the basket was very nice; it gave a sense of humanity and individuality to the item rather than being just another mass-produced thing.

GlobeIn benefit basket laundry theme-wool dryer balls

I opened the basket to find a tan, organic cotton interlock, drawstring bag. Inside the bag were three natural wool dryer balls (value $17.50). For those who are not familiar with wool dryer balls, they are designed to replace fabric softener sheets. They offer a natural way to soften and scent clothes in the dryer (just add a few drops of essential oil to the dryer balls). They even cut down on drying time, saving electricity. I have been using dryer balls for a long time, and some of you may have even watched my wool ball tutorial on YouTube (to make decorated balls for child or pet play, or plain balls for the dryer). GlobeIn also included beautiful photographs of the dryer balls as well as the artisan who made them. They also featured a story about the cooperative who makes the dryer balls and a map of where they are located.

GlobeIn Benefit Basket Laundry theme August 2015

In total this month’s GlobeIn basket had a retail value of $29.50, which includes the GlobeIn basket. I think this is a very good value for the price that I paid. I really like what a “feel good” box this is. GlobeIn takes such care to connect its customers to the artisans who product the items for the basket. That intention is really shown through the beautiful inserts, text, and photographs. I also plan to sit down with my children and show them the baskets and the products, and teach them about who made the items. I think that it will go a long way towards making somewhat abstract concepts like world populations, economy, geography, and differences more concrete through actual examples. I am looking forward to receiving my next GlobeIn basket, which is going to feature a Wellness theme.

What do you think of GlobeIn’s new Benefit Basket option?

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