GlobeIn Benefit Basket Subscription Unboxing and Review-September 2015

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GlobeIn is a subscription service bringing fairly traded artisan items from around the world. Their Artisan Box subscription packs 4-6 items from a selected theme into one of their signature, handwoven, Mexican baskets for $35.00/month. Their newly introduced Benefit Basket subscription takes one of the items from the monthly Artisan Box and sends it to subscribers in a Mexican basket for $19.99/month (less with multi-month subscriptions). Each month’s basket features a different theme. The September theme was “Wellness.”

I purchased this box and all opinions are my own.

If you would like to see the live-action unboxing please enjoy the video unboxing below. If you would like to skip along to the photos and valuing information, scroll right on down.

I really liked the GlobeIn shipping box. It has great artwork and I really liked the graphic “clue” about this month’s theme and what was inside. It definitely has a unique personality. One of the reasons that I felt confident giving this subscription a try was because I knew that each month’s box would include one of GlobeIn’s beautiful palm leaf baskets (value $12.00). I really appreciate the reusable packaging and the covered basket is such a versatile size. I can see using a collection of these to organize and brighten up a space. They are a great size to hold anything from craft supplies, crayons, toys, shells, rocks, and more. I can also see using these as reusable gift wrap. They would add so much to the presentation of a gift. I was pleased to see that the basket that I received this month was different than last month. I like the variety.

GlobeIn Benefit palm leaf basket Mexico

I think that it is a real strength of GlobeIn that they make such a point to highlight the artisans and their stories. GlobeIn provides the picture of the basket maker as well as information about him or her (e.g., how working with GlobeIn provides financial or stability to them, their families, and their community). GlobeIn also encloses great photos and information about the artist behind the item included in the monthly basket. In addition, they include a longer trifold insert giving geographic information about the item’s origin. I really like this component and can see it folding especially well into a homeschool curriculum. I enjoy using the photos, maps, and information included to teach my kids more about world geography, world economy, and responsible consumerism.

GlobeIn Benefit Basket fair trade blessing bag from Ghana

I opened this month’s basket, crafted by Juan, to find a beautiful orange batik blessing bag, (value $12.00), made by an artist named Rosa from Ghana. The bag was made from hand batiked cloth and lined with repurposed plastic water bags; making the bag interior water and spill resistant. The interior also featured a tiny pocket made from the batik fabric (see video for a closer look). The zipper was embellished with a zipper pull fashioned from recycled polished glass. The insert explained that the zipper pull could also be removed from the bag and used as a keychain, which I thought was a great idea. I can never seem to have enough keychains. GlobeIn also included coupon code BESTFRIENDS for $20 off of any 3+ month Artisan Box subscription.

Closeup on the recycled glass keychain/zipper pull

Closeup on the recycled glass keychain/zipper pull

The insert explained how ABAN seeks to provide work opportunities to homeless women in Ghana, many of whom are young mothers. The program trains the women in skills such as sewing and fashion, as well as provides more general education and other skills to the women and their children, in addition to providing nutritious meals. ABAN has developed a unique solution to Ghana’s garbage program by repurposing plastic water bags (Ghana’s only source of clean drinking water) into fabric for goods such as the Blessing Bag in this month’s basket. Through ABAN’s efforts, over 500,000 plastic water bags have been saved from trash heaps and up-cycled as ABAN products.

GlobeIn Benefit basket palm leaf artisan made

In total this month’s GlobeIn basket had a retail value of $24.00, which includes the GlobeIn basket. I think this is a good value for the price that I paid, and maintains the fair trade spirit of the box. I really like what a “feel good” box this is. GlobeIn takes such care to connect its customers to the artisans who produce the items for the basket. That is really shown through the beautiful inserts, text, and photographs. I think that the Benefit Basket option is a good one to get a taste of what GlobeIn offers, although you may find yourself quickly pining for the full-size Artisan Basket option. I am looking forward to receiving my next GlobeIn Benefit basket, which is going to feature a “Cozy” theme, perfect for fall when the air chills and coziness sounds very tempting.

What do you think of GlobeIn’s new Benefit Basket option?

To see other crunchy subscription box video unboxings, look here on the Crunchy Parent You Tube channel. If you are interested in finding “crunchy-friendly” subscription boxes to enhance the way you live, eat, craft, play, care for you home and body, etc. you can find that here. If you have any suggestions or requests for future videos or unboxings, please let me know in the comments, and be sure to subscribe to!

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