Goddess Provisions Spirit-Enhancing Subscription Unboxing & Review: February 2016

Crunchy Parent Goddess Provisions Subscription Box Unboxing & Review February 2016

Goddess Provisions is a subscription service, created by the owners of Vegan Cuts. Goddess Provisions is a monthly lifestyle box for women. They send products to nourish your inner goddess and grow your spiritual practice. Boxes feature a mix of 4-6 full size items, spanning across the categorizes of aromatherapy, apothecary beauty products, superfood snacks, teas, crystals, books and more. All items are 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

Boxes cost $33 per month, which includes shipping. There are discounts for multi-month subscriptions. I purchased this box and was not compensated in any way for this review, although review may contain affiliate links. All opinions are my own. For my other Goddess Provisions unboxing and reviews, starting with their very first box, look here.

If you would like to see the live-action unboxing of the February Goddess Provisions box, please enjoy the video unboxing below. If you prefer to skip right to the product close-ups and details, scroll down past the video.

The box came well-packaged, and everything was received intact. As always, I loved the bright and informative enclosure card. Goddess Provisions does an exceptional job of highlighting their featured brands and products, as well as weaving the theme into the box. This month’s theme was “Self Love” and focused on the heart chakra. Valentine’s Day can be a less-than-positive trigger for some. I thought the theme a great one for February and appreciated that the love was centered on one’s self.

Goddess Provisions February 2016 box Self Love-heart chakra

The box was packed full of colorful and intriguing goodies. The first item that I plucked out of the box was a heart chakra candle from In Light and Love Candles (6 oz., $12.00). I have received a different chakra candle from this line in the past from another subscription box service. I love the idea of writing one’s intention on a candle before lighting it; it brings substance to the ritual. I also think that the tiny piece of chalk that is included for writing an intention on the candle is adorable, and I appreciate that the chalk lets you erase and write new intentions as your mood and desires change. I think that the tin is just beautiful and makes the candle practical for travel as well. I personally find the fragrance of the candle to be a bit too strong for my preferences, but I know that many people love candles with a robust scent throw.

Chocolita Strawberry Passion bar close-up...Yum!

Chocolita Strawberry Passion bar close-up…Yum!

The next item was another one that I have received in some form in the past. Goddess Provisions sent a bar from Chocolita in their first ever box, and I was excited to see them once again. The raw, dark chocolate, Chocolate Strawberry Passion Bar (1.25 oz., $4.86) is enhanced with aphrodisiac herbs and strawberries to, “ignite your passion and open your heart.” I have been savoring the rich chocolate bar, and I really like the brightness that the strawberries lend to the flavor.

Goddess Provisions February 2016 unboxing & review

I was a bit taken aback when I saw a twist on a theme from Goddess Provisions. Historically, Goddess Provisions has included a precious bag with a small crystal in every box. This month, they sent a bag of three Self Love Stones from Energy Muse (value $15.00). I could not find this exact set online so I defer to GP’s stated value. The bag contains a single polished stone of rose quartz for unconditional love; rhodonite for compassion; and aventurine for opening the heart. I loved the beauty of the stones and the meaning behind them.

I think that my favorite discovery in this month’s box may have been the “grace” bracelet from Mudlove ($8.00). I love the minimal, earthy design of the stamped pottery bracelet. As someone with larger-than-average wrists I also really appreciate when bracelets are adjustable. After I took some time to explore Mudlove’s website I was even more impressed. The company began with a mission to provide clean, potable water to communities in Africa where this life-giving resource was scarce. For every item purchased, Mudlove makes a donation to Water for Good that provides for a week’s worth of clean water for one person. I was also blown away by the extensive selection of bracelet words and phrases that could be ordered in any of a rainbow of band colors. They also offer gorgeous pottery mugs (I have a pottery mug collection that adds beauty to my herbal tea drinking experience). Goddess Provisions included a coupon for 30% off a Mudlove purchase for subscribers. I think I’ll be grabbing some bracelets and a mug for me, as well as some bracelets for the girls to give to friends as gifts.

Mudlove bracelet

The beautiful colors of the Dive in Deck (value $20.00) are what first caught my eye when I noticed this item. This standard sized deck of cards pairs captivating pictures with provocative questions or thoughts designed to stimulate conversation or introspection. The deck consists of 33 cards with prompts such as, “How do you explore and expand the edges of your comfort zone?” and “When do you feel most empowered?” I love the intention of these cards to help people tune into and connect with what is important to them and to those around them. I had brought a comparable product more specifically geared to family on a trip with my mother and sister several years back. The prompts helped us start many meaningful conversations that gave us all a better appreciation for one another’s perspectives and experiences. I can think of many uses for these cards with my own kids, therapeutically, or otherwise. I had mentioned in the video that I would show close-up photos of some of the cards, but I decided not to open it; I think that it is the perfect item to have on-hand for a spur-of-the-moment gift to brighten someone’s day or to show appreciation.

Dive in Deck details

Dive in Deck details

I am really impressed with the curation and theme of this month’s box. Love is a significant focus during the month of February as partner and “Galentine’s Day” celebrations abound. I appreciated the thought that went into centering this box around love for self. I liked the balance of items, and think that a gift of chocolate, jewelry, a candle, crystals, and an interactive gift focused on introspection makes a wonderful package to receive. The value of this month’s box totals $60.00 and pays forward by providing someone in Central Africa with a week’s worth of fresh water. I think that is an incredible value. I continue to appreciate all of the boxes that I have received from Goddess Provisions. It has quickly become a favorite subscription that matches my lifestyle and values very well.

What do you think of Goddess Provisions? If you want to get your hands on your very own box sign up at Goddess Provisions. I’m also looking for some new boxes to review in the months ahead. If you have a request for a specific box or a type of box (e.g., kids, food, beauty) that you would like to see me review, please let me know.

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