LaRitzy Vegan Beauty Subscription Unboxing & Review: March 2016

Crunchy Parent LaRitzy Vegan Beauty Subscription March 2016 Unboxing & Review 3-27-2016

About LaRitzy Box

LaRitzy is a monthly beauty subscription service that sends 4-5 vegan, cruelty-free cosmetic and skincare items in each box. Although not specifically marketed as a green beauty box, the brands that LaRitzy sends have tended to be non-toxic, natural brands.

Boxes cost $24.99 per month, for the standard LaRitzy box, as reviewed here. LaRitzy also offers a LaMini Box featuring 2-3 items at a price of $14.99/month. Both subscription offerings include U.S. shipping. There are discounts for multi-month subscriptions. I purchased this box and was not compensated in any way for this review. All opinions are my own. You can see my other LaRitzy reviews here.

LaRitzy Box: March Unboxed

If you would like to see the live-action unboxing my March 2016 LaRitzy box, please enjoy the video unboxing below. If you prefer to skip right to the product close-ups and details, scroll down past the video.

Last month, LaRitzy has made a change to eco-friendly “e-cards” to describe the products in their monthly box. Subscribers spoke out saying that they really preferred tangible cards with the boxes. For March, LaRitzy has returned to including an information card in the box that provides a brief description and valuing information for each of the enclosed items.

Crunchy Parent LaRitzy Vegan Beauty MArch 2016 review-Deco Miami 8-free polish & Lippygirl gloss

The initial glance inside the box gave a clear “spring” vibe. There were lots of bright colors, and I was excited to dig in. The first item that I grabbed was an adorable box of Deco Miami nail lacquer in the color “Feeling Fuego” (5 ml., $9.50). This coral cream color has spring written all over it. I have been extremely particular about the ingredients in nail lacquer ever since reading this 2002 report during my first pregnancy. In brief, the report linked the presence of phthalates in cosmetic products to damage to the male reproductive system of developing fetuses. It was my first major push towards awareness of the importance of green beauty not just for me, but for my future children. It was also the reason why I didn’t polish my nails for the next ten years.

Healthier cosmetics offerings have grown by leaps and bounds since 2002, and this Miami Deco polish is a testament to those changes. This polish is “8-free” meaning that the formulation avoids eight chemicals commonly found in conventional nail lacquer that are suspected or known to be less than healthy. Eight-free is the most “free” designation that I have seen for nail lacquer to-date. Of course, it is up to every individual to decide their comfort level with the ingredients in their products. If you are a nail polish-enthusiast however, this formulation looks like a great “greener” choice, and the packaging couldn’t be cuter.

Next up, I discovered a tube of lemon-yellow, organic lip gloss from Lippygirl. The brand and product are both new to me. I love discovering new green beauty brands through subscription boxes. The Extra Virgin Lip Gloss (14 g., $11.00) is a blend of organic oils and butters. It is very moisturizing and gives a nice shine to the lips without being sticky at all. The formulation also left my lips feeling super-soft. It is not easy to find an softening, moisturizing, non-sickly gloss that is also petroleum-free. This gloss hits the nail on the head, and is certified USDA organic to boot. The gloss has a light orange and coconut scent that made me think of summer sun and days at the beach. As with all LaRitzy Box products, the Lippygirl gloss is vegan and cruelty free.

Crunchy Parent LaRitzy vegan beauty subscription review March 2016 Juice Beauty eye cream & Modern Minerals shadow

I am always looking for products that will help nourish the delicate skin around my eyes. LaRitzy included a full size Green Apple Nutrient Eye Cream by the popular green brand, Juice Beauty (.5 oz., $38.00). The product is aimed at brightening dark circles under the eyes as well as reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. I have found that the skin around my eyes is exceptionally sensitive and I have developed dry, scaly patches that have been slow to heal after using certain under-eye products in the past. I’m a bit concerned that the fruit acids from the apple juice-based product may be too active for the sensitive skin under my eyes. For those who have less sensitive skin and have used this product, I would love to hear your thoughts about it.

Crunchy Parent LaRitzy vegan beauty Modern Minerals smoky quartz shadow swatch

The last product in this month’s box was a lovely Smoky Quartz eyeshadow sphere by Modern Minerals (10g, $16.00). Modern Minerals has built upon the idea of using natural mineral pigments in cosmetics, infusing their mineral eye shadows with rose petals, honeysuckle, vitamin E extract, and coconut for natural hydration as well. The smoky quartz color blends gray with a hint of brown and lavender; finishing with a subtle shimmer. I personally use mineral shadows as eyeliner; applying with a bit of water and an eyeliner brush. I have loved using the smoky quartz color. It makes a great daytime liner, and I would use it as a shadow to amp up an evening smoky eye look. It is a good color for transitioning into spring, when those fall and winter dark shades can be given a bit of a lighter, brighter lift.

Crunchy Parent LaRitzy March 2016 unboxing & review closeup

March LaRitzy Box: Overall Impressions

I liked this box more and more as I explored the products. The Lippygirl gloss was my favorite surprise find. At first glance another clear gloss didn’t seem all that special, but after using the product, I was really impressed with the ingredients and the performance. I loved the overall spring feel of the box. Each product brought a little brightness to the party; whether it was softening or brightening my skin for spring, or lightening my color palette for the warmer weather. The total value of this month’s box is $74.50. LaRitzy continues to deliver incredible value for their $24.99 box price. If you want to see how this box compares to prior months, you can find those reviews here.

I think that LaRitzy is a great option for individuals looking for vegan and cruelty free cosmetic and skincare options, who also have an eye on healthier, green beauty. All of the products in this month’s box were healthier alternatives to their conventional counterparts, without sacrificing performance. I am excited to see what LaRitzy has in store as the weather continues to heat up. I imagine that we will continue to see bright colors and products aimed at keeping our skin soft and moisturized as we peel off the layers of parkas and sweaters and emerge from the long winter months. What do you think about LaRitzy?

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