Barganic Alert: LearningHerbs Sale on Wildcraft Cooperative Board Game for Kids

Our family signed up for the LearningHerbs Herb Fairies book series for kids earlier this spring and Alina and Asher in particular have been captivated by the stories about the herb fairies. They have loved learning about the herbs that grow wild all around us and how to recognize them. Asher has taken to pointing out herbs that he spies in the grass on the way to school or while playing outside. The kids have been more open to using herbs to treat their injuries and ailments since learning more about the healing properties of various herbs and remembering how the herbs helped the characters in the stories.

Wildcraft cooperative board game from LearningHerbs

I received an email from LearningHerbs today promoting a limited time sale on Wildcraft, their Herbal Adventure cooperative board game for kids. Like the Herb Fairies books, the board game focuses on herbs and combines fun, cooperation, and education to teach children about herbs and their medicinal uses as well as ethical wildcrating, all while working together to achieve a goal (in this case, gathering huckleberries and returning to grandmother’s house before nightfall so that she can bake a pie). Our family has always preferred cooperative games to competitive “winner” and “loser” games, especially for young children so this is a great fit for us. The artwork on the game looks beautiful and the game had great reviews on Amazon as well. I know that the kids will love playing it, and I will be tucking it away until holiday time. By then we will have read our way through most of the Herb Fairies series and I imagine that the kids will be excited to receive a game that will continue to expand their understanding and appreciation of herbs.

The current promotion runs through Thursday July 9th. The game price is reduced to $19.99 plus shipping and adds a bunch of fantastic bonuses to sweeten the deal, including the Outdoor Kids webinar with Aviva Romm, How to Make Rootbeer video (which Alina is super excited about), Herbal Roots Zine Kids Activity Magazine, Mentoring Kids & Nature Connection with Jon Young (mp3), and the Herb Fairies Activity Pack, with Book One and activity materials.

So, are you going to grab one? I can’t wait for ours to arrive.

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