Mindfulness Box Zen Subscription Unboxing & Review-October 2015

Crunchy Parent Mindfulness Box Oct 2015 unboxing review zen

Mindfulness Box is a relatively new lifestyle subscription service aimed at promoting mindfulness, inner peace and balance by giving people the tools to live with more intention and in the present moment. This lifestyle box includes holistic and homeopathic, essential oil, and mineral based health care products, handcrafted jewelry, delicious biodynamic treats, natural minerals/crystals and more. Each box contains 4-5 items accompanied with guided dialogue to enrich the recipient’s journey to balance and inner peace. Boxes cost $29.00 per month, which includes shipping, and are less with multi-month subscriptions. Use code CRUNCHY10 for 10% off of your order.

Mindfulness Box graciously sent me this box to review. I received no additional compensation, and all opinions are my own. See more of my Mindfulness box reviews here.

Asher and Alina have become my regular Mindfulness Box unboxing sidekicks. They love to see what interesting, useful, and tasty items will be included in the box. You can watch us unbox and discover, or if you prefer to skip right to the product close-ups and details, scroll down past the video.

The box came with it’s bright, smiling symbol and “Present Moment. Beautiful Moment” message to set the tone to best appreciate the contents. Everything arrived to me safe and intact.

mindfulness box enclosures meditation October

As always, Mindfulness Box included an enclosure card listing the contents along with descriptions and values, as well as suggestions for how to integrate the items into our life in a way that would promote mindfulness. We set the card aside so that we could discover the items on our own, but referenced it at the end to help us learn about what Mindfulness Box had curated for this month. Alina was the first to find what Mindfulness had in mind for the month, which was a box centered around warmth and grounding; perfect for autumn. Alina took two cards out of the box, each of which were printed front and back with a meditation. In total there were four meditations to help enhance mindfulness, focus, and gratitude throughout the day during routine activities such as eating, cleansing, standing, and sitting.

Flip side of the meditation cards.

Flip side of the meditation cards.

The meditations reminded me of exercises that I have done in my Mindfulness Meditation classes to help enhance awareness and to focus presence. The children and I all practiced the enclosed Chocolate Meditation together. They found it fun and delicious, and the exercise sparked a discussion about taking time to be present and grateful for the simple experiences in our lives rather than mindlessly moving through our day.

Mindfulness Box  Southwest incense sampler

Asher helped with the next item. I had been looking forward to it since Mindfulness Box had released a spoiler on Facebook. It was a beautiful collection of natural wood incense along with a holder by Incense de Santa Fe (value, $9.00). The incense set included seven cones each of seven different woods from the Southwest such as piñon, juniper, and mesquite.

Mindfulness Box Southwestern incense sampler-inside view

I have a special place in my heart for plants of the Southwest since going on my Arizona herbal adventure, and this box made me very nostalgic. I have tried several of the “flavors” so far. They smelled different that I was expecting; less “pine/tree-like” and more like a warming campfire. Burning the incense definitely shifted the ambiance of my space. I can see myself using it for meditation or at times when I want to create a feeling of serenity or coziness.

Mindfulness Box October unboxing review a wild soap bar & The Merry Hempsters lip balm

The next two items that we found in our Mindfulness Box set a great holiday tone. Mindfulness box included A Wild Soap Bar’s Warm Wishes soap (value, $6.50). The soap is a nod to the holiday season with orange, cinnamon, and oats among its ingredients as well as a blend of various organic oils to moisturize dry skin. The soap is topped with a piece of a cinnamon stick, and the package is decorated with pine boughs, pine cones, and bright red berries; giving it a very festive feeling. I think that it would be perfect for gifting too. Mindfulness Box had sent a different bar of soap from A Wild Soap Bar in the past. I love that they continue to showcase this small family business and their wonderful soaps.

As a nice complement to the soap, we found vegan lip balm from The Merry Hempsters in their cinnamon variety (value, $2.99). I have used lip balms from the Merry Hempsters before and like the formula a lot. The hemp oil is very moisturizing and the balm is not sticky or thick at all. I find that sometimes too much beeswax in a lip balm can make it tug at my lips when I apply, but this vegan formula uses candelilla wax and I find that it glides on very smoothly and easily. I thought that the cinnamon leaned more toward the “red hot” versus the spice side of cinnamon. It made my lips tingle when first applied, although it did settle down after a little while. Rich however did not notice any tingle, so perhaps I have more sensitive lips than others.

Mindfulness Box October unboxing review Zenbunni chocolate & tiger's eye

The next treat may have been my favorite indulgence in the box. The Zenbunni Maui Turmeric Ginger chocolate morsel (value, $3.00) was the perfect choice for pairing with the Chocolate Meditation. Another favorite that Mindfulness Box has sent in a past box, Zenbunni is a true artisanal chocolate company, using the finest organic, biodynamic, and wild crafted ingredients. I think that the Maui Turmeric Ginger flavor was just right for fall. Rudolf Steiner, the founder of biodynamic agriculture (and of Waldorf education) wrote about the time of year when the weather cools and the plant moves its energy away from flowering and fruiting, directing it down underground and into the roots. Steiner advised eating roots to help with grounding. I cannot say that I am in full agreement (or even completely understand) all of Steiner’s theories, but I can reflect that while slowly savoring the bar, I was struck by the fiery “root-iness” of it. The turmeric and ginger added a very earthy spiciness to the bar that got my attention and left an impression. I wish that I had another one to nibble right now.

The last item in the box was a beautiful piece of tiger’s eye, one of my favorite gem stones. I have always been drawn to the layers and dimensions in the stone as well as its chatoyancy, which I did not know was a word, but Wikipedia taught me when I was Googling how to describe the shiny amazingness in tiger’s eye. According to Mindfulness Box, tiger’s eye is a stone for protecting, and is both stabilizing and grounding. They went on to add that it enhances good luck, brings financial prosperity, and is protective, especially during travel. Tiger’s eye is associated with the solar plexus chakra. There was no value listed for the stone, and I am really not sure how to estimate its value.

Mindfulness Box October complete unboxing & review

I was especially pleased with the curation of this month’s box. I thought that the autumnal theme and transition to the holiday flavors and scents were very well executed. I also appreciated the emphasis on warmth and grounding, both of which are so important when the temperature cools and the schedule intensifies with holiday activities. The value of this month’s box was lower than recent boxes have been. The total value is $21.49 plus the tiger’s eye and meditation cards, whose values I could not estimate. As I looked at the box in total I would say that I think that it feels like a gift, and is well worth the $29.00 box price. I know that I have used, or will use all of the items. I also appreciate that the box is a nice mix of high-quality, practical, everyday items, special indulgences, and items to enhance my home and mindful practices. What do you think about this month’s Mindfulness Box? Are you happy with the overall value and the autumn feel?

To see other crunchy subscription box video unboxings, look here on the Crunchy Parent You Tube channel. If you are interested in finding “crunchy-friendly” subscription boxes to enhance the way you live, eat, craft, play, care for you home and body, etc. you can find them on my ULTIMATE list, newly updated for fall. If you have any suggestions or requests for future videos, please let me know in the comments, and be sure to subscribe to CrunchyParent!

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