MommyCon 2016 Review & Ticket Giveaway

Crunchy Parent MommyCon 2016 Chicago natural parenting conference review & ticket giveaway

Yesterday I reviewed MommyCon’s recent Chicago stop, focusing on the overall natural parenting conference experience and speakers. Today I wanted to spend some time highlighting the expo side of MommyCon, and reviewing MommyCon’s great gifts and giveaways.

I’m also excited to jump on the giveaway bandwagon myself. MommyCon has provided me with two free tickets to give away to the upcoming MommyCon event of the winner’s choice. You can enter to win at the end of the post. You can also knock $5.00 off of any MommyCon ticket price with the discount code CRUNCHY16.

MommyCon Vendors


As much as MommyCon is appreciated as a natural parenting conference, I think that they are equally well known as an expo; bringing together great vendors whose products cater to natural families. Any time that you wanted to pry yourself away from the speakers, and all throughout the lunch hour, the exhibitor area was bustling with activity at all of the wonderful booths. For people who frequently only get to explore natural specialty products online, this was a great opportunity to see, touch, and interact with items, and to make purchases, often at promotional MommyCon discounted prices.

IMG_5577 (1)

Over 100 vendors were present at the show, selling baby carriers, cloth diapering supplies, teething jewelry, reusable menstrual products, natural personal care items, organic mattresses, hip advocacy and nursing wear, and more.


In addition to vendors selling their products, there were also companies promoting their products through product samples, local service providers raising awareness about their businesses, and organizations spreading the word and rallying support for their causes.


The vendor area also housed the Babywearing School stage toward the back, where babywearing topics were presented. Products were demonstrated to show different wrapping and wearing techniques to accommodate children of various ages.

Sprinkled throughout the vendor area were informational tables helping to educate conference attended about feeding techniques and cloth diapering.


Cloth Diaper Resource Center

For anyone who has ever tried to figure out the difference between a fitted, AIO, pocket, or prefold, there were displays on-hand allowing parents to touch, see, and consider which products might work best for their families.


More Cloth Diaper Resource Center

Consultants were also on-hand to help answer questions that parents might have about cloth diapering in general. I thought that these informational displays and consultation areas were great low-pressure ways to promote the use of more natural products and increase awareness.

My one regret was that I walked throughout the vendor area taking it all in without buying any products initially. I planned to wait to make my purchases at the end of the day because I didn’t want to have to carry them with me throughout the show (I was already lugging a bag, snacks, a reusable water bottle, note pad, etc.) My intention had been to take the 20 minutes in between the final big presentation of the day and the end-of-the-day product giveaway announcement to scoot back to the vendors and make my purchases. As I came to learn, that plan was flawed (more on that in a moment). As a result, although I saw many products that I would have loved to have brought home from the show, I ended up not buying anything. Fortunately, several of the vendors included special MommyCon promotion codes for savings off of online purchases in the show materials, so the chance for future orders remains. Still, had I known how the end of the day was going to shape up, I would have planned my purchasing differently.

MommyCon Giveaways & Gift Bag

If there is one thing that has earned MommyCon great word-of-mouth, it is their amazing gift bags and giveaways. Before going to the show, I learned that every attendee to the show would receive a jam-packed gift bag. In addition, MommyCon gives extra gift bags to attendees of their VIP events. All MommyCon attendees are also be entered in the end-of-the-show giveaway to receive any of a number of amazing prizes ranging from car seats and organic crib mattresses, to high chairs and baby carriers. MommyCon had also promoted some mysterious “scavenger hunt” prizes through their Facebook page with small items hidden throughout the MommyCon convention space that could be redeemed for prizes. In all, there is no doubt that MommyCon knows that people really love gifts and free goodies.

The MommyCon conference day ended with 25 minutes of giveaways, for which the winner was required to be present. What that looked like in actuality was every last man, woman, and child at the conference descending upon a central area to hear if their tag number might be called as a winner. As mentioned before, the prizes were fantastic and the giveaway was clearly a huge draw and an incentive for people to stay, learn, and shop the expo up until the very last moment. Unfortunately, this also meant that the room was filled to bursting with overtired babies and toddlers who had been troopers through almost 8 hours of the conference already, and the noise level began to climb with restless, crabby children. It also meant that as everyone filtered into the room, many gathered toward the back near the doors, making exiting and entering the room a bit of an adventure.

MommyCon Chicago 2016 giveaway crowd

The MommyCon crowd awaits the giveaways. Photo Credit: Katie Hovland

I had been seated near the front of the room during Jade Beall’s presentation that ended 20 minutes before the giveaway was scheduled to begin. As mentioned, I had intended to scoot back to the vendor room to make my purchases in those 20 minutes and return for the giveaway, but as I saw the traffic situation in the room shaping up into a major bottleneck by the doors, I gave up that idea, and stayed put in my chair.

The giveaway dragged on a bit, not helped by the restless crowd. I am sure however that the many winners were completely delighted by the items that they received, and found them well worth the wait. Once the last product had been handed out, all of the attendees poured out of the room and headed toward the elevators and parking garage. Despite the large numbers of people, I was surprised by how smoothly the transition went. It wasn’t long before I was back in my car, and ready to make the drive back home.

The gift bag that I received was for members of the Media Team, since I was attending MommyCon as part of their Blogger Collective. I’m not sure how the Media Bag differed from any of the other gift bags, but since it was in a different area than the general gift bags, I can only assume that it is unique in some way, so I wanted to provide that caveat.

I have to be honest and say that I was rather impressed when I went to pick up my gift bag and was handed a giant reusable MommyCon tote filled with goodies plus an adjunct item. I have attended many conferences and expos in my day and never have I received anything like this. I was eager to get back home and look through all of the goods.

MommyCon Media gift bag

MommyCon Media gift bag

The bag contained loads of informational and promotional materials from vendors and sponsors of the event, many of whom had included special codes for MommyCon exclusive discounts off of orders. The bag also held many great products from vendors at the conference.

If I was a mother of very young children, I would have been especially thrilled by all of the useful items, which ranged from disposable breast pads and glow-in-the-dark sippy cups to a cloth diaper wet bag and a breastmilk pumping and feeding system. As a parent of children who are past their infant, toddler, and preschool years, only a fraction of the items included were relevant for our family at our current stage of life. I felt a little guilty for being the recipient of such lovely items that we have no use for. I am sure that I will have no trouble finding a friend who will enjoy the items, but nevertheless I wish that more of the products were useful for families with children beyond the nursing, diaper, and bib stage.

The theme for MommyCon 2016 is “Growing Together” and I know that a lot of emphasis has been placed on including topics relevant to older children, families, and to parents themselves. I loved this step forward to embrace more of the natural parenting community, but the gift bag didn’t seem to hold true to this idea as well as the conference and expo on the whole. I would have been thrilled to find a reusable menstrual product, advocacy wear, un-paper household product, or other items that would have helped the overall balance of the bag to better reflect this year’s theme. I am nevertheless still blown away by the general awesomeness of the gift bag and will savor the yummy foods, household, and personal care items that were included in the bag.


Evenflo scavenger hunt prize

In addition, my eagle eyes were fortunate to find one of the “scavenger hunt” items hidden in the conference area by Evenflo. As a prize for my good fortune, I received a cute Evenflo coffee mug and a $10 Starbucks gift card, which by far was Rich’s favorite thing that I brought home.

Final Thoughts about MommyCon Chicago

I was a bit dubious about attending MommyCon as a mom of children in elementary and middle school. I wasn’t sure if there would be much for me to learn after parenting from a natural/attachment parenting perspective for over thirteen years; and with the birthing, nursing, diapering, and babywearing years behind me. I was encouraged by the “Growing Together” theme, and figured that even if I didn’t find the topics to be directly relevant to my family, the conference would still be a great chance to meet other like-minded parents in the area.

I was really pleased to find the conference experience to be completely satisfying and enriching. There was not a moment of my time that I did not feel was being spent productively; learning or discovering something new that was relevant to me and to my family. I came away from the day feeling more empowered and prepared to take on approaching milestones for my children at their current ages, and for enhancing my relationship with my husband at this point in our marriage. I reflected on myself as a woman beyond my role as either wife or mother, which I know is far too easy to loose touch with, especially when one is oriented toward a very hands-on approach to parenting.

Overall, I was very impressed with the extent to which MommyCon attempted to cater to the needs of parents and children attending the conference. From diapering, feeding, snuggling, napping, playing, and more MommyCon had given thought to what their guests would need to comfortably enjoy the day. This alone is such a juxtaposition to so many conferences and expos, where children and their needs must be “managed” by parents so that adults can attend, rather than woven into the fabric of the event as it was at MommyCon.

For any parent of young children navigating the waters of natural, gentle, crunchy, or attachment parenting, I would assert that MommyCon is a safe place to find your tribe; to learn, to discover, and to grow. For experienced crunchy parents of older children like myself, I am pleased to report that I found MommyCon to move the conversation of natural parenting forward into later phases of parenting as well. In addition, MommyCon shed light on the too-often neglected topic of parents themselves, and their needs as individuals and partners. I am already looking forward to MommyCon returning to Chicago next year.

MommyCon Ticket Giveaway

If you are still waiting for MommyCon 2016 to arrive at a location near you, you’re in luck. In addition to offering the CRUNCHY16 code for $5 off tickets, I have two tickets to give away to one of the upcoming MommyCon 2016 events*. I will select one winner who will receive 2 free ticket to the 2016 MommyCon event of their choice*, or two passes for a 1-day attendance to MommyCon’s Milk or Wear conferences.

Fine Print: The winner is responsible for any transportation or accommodations as needed. Contest will remain open through Tuesday March 29, 11:59 PM Central time. Winner will be notified by me within 24 hours via email, so please enter with an email address that you check regularly. If I do not hear back from the winner with their city of choice within 72 hours of being contacted, prize will be forfeited and a new winner will be selected. Crunchy Parent will make every effort to arrange and support prize distribution, however ticket giveaway and distribution are ultimately the responsibility of MommyCon. Good luck!

*The April 2nd Seattle Conference is not eligible as a prize option due to the timing parameters of the giveaway.

Win 2 tickets to MommyCon! (Please click the link to enter)

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MommyCon 2016 the Conference for Forward-Thinking Parents with a Natural Flair Coming to Chicago! (+ Discount)

MommyCon 2016 conference schedule for naturally-minded parents

As some of you know, I began this blog almost nine years ago. Eva was in preschool at a lovely, nature-based, Waldorf school. Alina was a barely a toddler, spending most of her time snuggled up to me nursing away in a wrap or sling. The blog was my way of processing my parenting journey and connecting with other parents on similar paths. It motivated me to learn more, try new things, and share ideas and thoughts with others.

One of the big things that I did that first year as a natural family blogger was to seek out festivals, expos, and conferences oriented toward “crunchy” families. I was fortunate that it happened to be the 50th anniversary of La Leche League International that year, and they were having a big weekend-long conference in Chicago that summer to celebrate. Rich and I signed up to attend. Eva stayed with my parents and my little nursling Alina came along with us to enjoy the experience.

It has been many years since I attended that first big conference, but I still remember it as a real rallying point for me. The Waldorf school was a small, like-minded community where we found connection, but the conference felt like we were part of a larger movement. Everywhere I looked there were parents with babies, toddlers, and young children in carriers of all shapes and sizes, many of which I oogled and envied (the carriers I mean, although the children were cute too). Babies looked adorable in their little leg warmers and soft-soled shoes, which were still “fringe” choices at the time. We parents smiled with appreciation at the amber teething necklaces and plump, cloth-diapered bottoms all around us. It felt warm and familiar; as though all of the people behind the usernames in the natural parenting forums had leapt forth from the screens and materialized right before me.

Alina crawls around the conference room floor while mommy learns about medication and breastfeeding.

Alina crawls around the conference room floor while mommy learns about medication and breastfeeding.

The sessions that we attended at the conference spoke of topics that resonated strongly with us and our hunger for guidance and validation on our parenting path; gentle child birth, creating a natural family living community, informed health choices, parenting spirited children, breastfeeding with confidence in the face of challenges, co-sleeping, and more. I learned so much about the decisions ahead of me and processed a great deal about the milestones that had already passed; some of which had turned out differently than I had hoped.

Fangirling on Day 1 of the LLLI Conference in 2007. That's Peggy O'Mara and a starstruck me.

Fangirling on Day 1 of the LLLI Conference in 2007. That’s Peggy O’Mara and a starstruck me.

Rich and I walked with wide eyes and broad smiles down the aisles in the exhibitor’s area. All of the beautiful products that I had spent hours admiring online were right in front of me where I could touch them and ask questions about them. I was shown how to use the Moby wrap that I wore on the second day of the conference to back-carry Alina with ease (a maneuver that I had lacked the confidence to try previously). I admired adorable cloth diapers in all shapes, sizes, and configurations. I looked at beautiful nursing jewelry. I felt in my element in a way that was so rare and so needed at the time.

Happy toddler being back carried in my Moby Wrap-I learned something new!

Happy toddler being back carried in my Moby Wrap-I learned something new!

I am at a different point in my parenting journey now. My first baby turns thirteen next week. My littlest one is almost six. Pregnancy, breastfeeding, cloth diapers, and potty learning are all in my rear view mirror. I still continue to be a crunchy parent whose thoughts are often occupied with how to parent mindfully; what is healthy for my family, and where is my supportive tribe. The specific questions evolve, but the driving philosophy remains the same.

When I resurrected my blog a year ago it reignited a spark and a drive to learn more, to try new things, and to share more along my natural parenting journey and my journey as a naturally-minded person. That is why I was so excited to learn about the opportunity to attend the MommyCon Conference, an annual gathering across the nation that brings together, “forward thinking parents with a natural flair.” This, without question, is my tribe. I was so excited by the prospect of what MommyCon had to offer through their conferences that I went through the process to become a member of the MommyCon Media Team, to help other like-minded parents learn about and experience MommyCon.

MommyCon has already kicked off their 2016 schedule with their conference in Atlanta. In just two weeks they will be headed to Chicago. I am so excited that I will be there to connect with other naturally-minded parents, and parents-to-be. The schedule of speakers and list of vendors has been announced. I am already trying to decide how to choose between the amazing sessions topics which range from postpartum care, cloth diapering, treating childhood illness, positive body image, babywearing, creating intimacy among partners, and all things in between.

As a mom of (relatively) older children, I greatly appreciate that MommyCon has remembered that parenting mindfully extends beyond those first few years. The 2016 theme is “Growing Together” and can be seen in the range of topics being presented. MommyCon had the wisdom to clearly indicate which topics are best suited for parenting children in their first year, second year, toddlerhood and beyond; as well as topics focused on moms and those that are great for dads. The schedule layout makes it easy to find topics in your area(s) of greatest interest.

I think that one of the most challenging lessons for me to learn as a naturally-minded, child-focused parent was the importance of self-care (I’m still working on it). I am especially heartened to see the emphasis that MommyCon has placed on this topic and I hope that every mom in attendance makes time to fit in at least one session that focuses on her needs as well.

Of course, as much as I want to learn new things and meet other parents, I cannot wait to check out the exhibitors and see the great products and concepts that they bring to the show. MommyCon has lined up almost 100 exhibitors to help families feed, wear, clothe, diaper, celebrate, and care for their children and for themselves in a natural, mindful way.

MommyCon has also set up rooms to focus on areas of special interests; the Babywearing Lounge showcases over 40 different popular baby carriers that attendees can see, try on, and receive input about from certified BabyWearing Studies instructors. The Cloth Diaper Resource Center demystifies cloth diapering allowing attendees to see the many different types of cloth diapers available and learn about how to choose the ones to best meet their child’s needs and their budget. Experts are on-hand to discuss issues such as cloth diapering, car seat safety, promoting positive sleep habits, and more. MommyCon even offers stocked diaper changing stations, a feeding lounge, and play stations to meet the needs of even the tiniest conference attendees. Of course I saved the best for last, all attendees receive a gift bag from event sponsors and the event will end with over $10,000 in giveaways.

Tickets for the Chicago conference on March 5th had sold out but 400 more tickets were just added and are going fast. The code CRUNCHY16 will take $5.00 off the price of each ticket. If you have young ones who might want to have their own fun while you learn, the Chicago conference is also offering a Littles Make + Play Camp for children ages three and up. Kids can engage in supervised art and craft fun and creative play during individual sessions or for the whole day.

For those who make not be located close to the Chicago conference location, MommyCon will be hosting many other conferences across the country throughout the year in addition to more specifically focused conferences highlighting babywearing and infant feeding. The code CRUNCHY16 will reduce ticket prices by $5.00 for all locations.

I am counting the days until the Chicago event on Saturday March 5th. Can I look forward to meeting you there?

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Barganic Alert: Goodbeing Limited Edition box + 2 month subscription bonus!

Goodbeing Share the Lov ltd. ed. box + bonus

If there was ever a time to act fast, this is it. Today only, Goodbeing (formerly Goodebox) is offering an amazing bonus along with the purchase of their limited edition “Share the Love” box ($95 for $255 in luxury green beauty products).

All customers who purchase the limited edition box will also receive a two month gift membership of the Goodbeing subscription box. They can send the membership to someone else, or keep it for themselves. For more details about what to expect from a Goodbeing subscription box, see my Ultimate List of Crunchy-Friendly Subscription Boxes (look under their former name, Goodebox).

The limited edition box features products from Osmia Organics, One Love Organics, Lilikoi Living, AILA Cosmetics, LOQI, and jewelry from Me to We. See link for complete product details and to purchase.

There is no coupon necessary to take advantage of this bonus offer, but it is only valid today until 3pm PST, so don’t delay.

**Barganic Alerts are an effort to spread awareness about affordable crunchy goods and services (and here’s why). They are not endorsements. They tend to be time-limited, and often go quickly. To make sure that you are always in the know, subscribe to to receive emails of all Barganic Alerts as soon as they are posted** or follow me on Twitter Twitter or my Pinterest Barganic Alert board.

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Barganic Alert! 20% off Cosmic Box

Crunchy Parent Barganic Alert! 20% off Cosmic Box-subscription box sale, coupon code

February is right around the corner, and Cosmic Box wants to share the love. They are offering 20% off your first month when you sign up for a subscription using the code COSMICLOVE. There are a few more days to sign up for the February box (which is almost sold out). Once those are gone subscriptions will start with the March box. Cosmic Box has also announced that beginning with the February box, they will now be including goodies to balance your chakras.

If you would like to see my prior reviews to get a sense of what Cosmic Box includes in their spirit-enchancing, cosmically positive subscription, you can check those out here.

Are you going to take advantage of this deal?

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Holistic Cyber Monday Deals: Subscription Boxes, Green Beauty, and More

Photo credit: twicepix / / CC BY-SA

Photo credit: twicepix / / CC BY-SA

Is your credit card crying yet? I must admit that I’m feeling a little exhausted by all of the shopping frenzy that seemed unavoidable these past few days, even though I’ve only been to the grocery store in that time. I do appreciate the opportunity to save money on purchases that we have been waiting to make. There are some great deals to be had on everything from appliances to winter outerwear. It’s also a good time to stretch your dollar and bring healthier products into your home or the homes of others at a more manageable price. I wanted to highlight a few more deals that end today.

Subscription Box Deals:

Once again, I love crunchy-friendly subscription boxes. I think that they make great gifts or gifts-to-self. Most of the following subscriptions are all featured on my Ultimate Guide to Crunchy-Friendly Subscription Boxes. You can find out more about each one there. Some will be added to my Winter update very soon (keep an eye out for that).

1. Mindfulness Box is offering 20% off of everything in their online store and off of subscription purchases with the code GRATITUDE20. See reviews of past Mindfulness Boxes here.

2. Goddess Provisions is offering 15% off subscriptions for first time subscribers with code magic15. Subscriptions will renew at regular price. Expires on Dec 1. They also have stocked a few of their first two boxes in their shop if you missed out. See reviews of the past Goddess Provisions boxes here.

3. Vegan Cuts is offering up to 20% off their snack and beauty subscription boxes as well as bonus gifts through the link provided (no code needed).

4. Love with Food is offering 15% off all subscriptions as well as bonuses for multi-month subscription purchases (see link for details).

5. Send Me Gluten Free is offering 20% off a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription using coupon code CYBERMONDAY20.

6. Mystical Mojo Box is offering an array of Cyber Monday deals with the following codes: CMMEGA = 27% off Mega Mojo Boxes; CMMOJO = 22% off Mojo Boxes; CMCRYSTAL = 18% off Crystal Mojo Boxes; CMTAROT = 18% off Tarot Readings.

7. Yogi Surprise is offering 40% off your first jewelry box with code JEWELRY15.

Green Beauty Deals:

1. Devine Beauty Emporium (the sister site to PureBox) is having a Cyber Monday sale with the code DEVINE10. Buy $100, get $10 off. Buy $200, get $30 off. Buy $300, get $50 off.

2. Lauren Brooke Cosmétiques is offering 30% off all full-sized products today.

Bonus Deal:

Chico Bag is offering 40% off all orders $50 or more today using code CYBER2015 (excludes sale items).

For additional deals that may still be running through today, check out my earlier holistic Thanksgiving weekend deal posts here and here. If you have any crunchy bargains to share, please let me know in the comments.

**Barganic Alerts are an effort to spread awareness about affordable crunchy goods and services (and here’s why). They are not endorsements. They tend to be time-limited, and often go quickly. To make sure that you are always in the know, subscribe to to receive emails of all Barganic Alerts as soon as they are posted**

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Barganic Alert: Holistic Thanksgiving Deals Begin

Photo credit: John-Morgan / / CC BY

Photo credit: John-Morgan / / CC BY

I have been enjoying this week of holiday preparation. The house is still a jumble of partially-unpacked moving boxes and I cannot recall where our china, tablecloths, or serving pieces may be. Fortunately our dinner guests are family members and close friends and they are forgiving souls (who also come bearing food so it helps to lighten the cooking load).

I hope that you are enjoying a day of autumn appreciation, gratitude, parades, good food, family, or however the holiday is meaningful for you. Since Thanksgiving, for better or for worse, often kicks of holiday shopping frenzy, I wanted to share some bargains that have come to my attention that may help you to stretch your dollar as you try to embrace healthy and holistic choices during the holiday season and into the new year.

Laurel WPO Winter Radiance Collection and Thankful Sale

I was first introduced to Laurel Whole Plant Organics at the A Night for Green Beauty event this past summer. The handcrafted, herbally-based skincare uses the highest quality whole plant ingredients to enhance and nourish your skin. Thanksgiving is the one time each year that the small company offers a sitewide sale. All items on the site will be 20% using the code THANKFUL20 at checkout. The sale starts Friday at 6:00pm PST and lasts until Monday at midnight PST. All orders over $100 ship for free. Every person who places an order during the sale will be entered in a raffle to win the last remaining Winter Radiance Collection; a seven-item, limited edition collection valued at $360.

Kloverbox holiday sale

As seen on the Ultimate Guide of Crunchy-Friendly Subscription Boxes, the green lifestyle subscription service Kloverbox is offering daily discounts for the next few days. The subscription is regularly priced at $25.00/month and sends 4-7 sample and full sized products across the categories of beauty, health, nutrition and home. Starting Black Friday and extending through Sunday, Kloverbox will be offering a 20% discount off of subscriptions of varying lengths, bringing the individual box price down to as low as $18.00/month (no code required). Deals will change daily, so be sure to look for the subscription length that you wish to try and check in on that day.

**Barganic Alerts are an effort to spread awareness about affordable crunchy goods and services (and here’s why). They are not endorsements, nor am I compensated in any way. They tend to be time-limited, and often go quickly. To make sure that you are always in the know, subscribe to to receive emails of all Barganic Alerts as soon as they are posted**

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Barganic Alert: La Ritzy Vegan Beauty Subscription offering 1 month free

PinkMoose / Foter / CC BY

You don’t need to hang around here too long to know that I love crunchy, natural subscription boxes. In my experience, moms in particular tend to table their own needs and forget to take care of themselves; and people interested in greening up their lives often don’t know where to find the right products or how to try them in an affordable way. Subscription boxes that are carefully curated to send products that fit with your values and needs are like a gift of nurturing to yourself or to someone you love, and a great way to try new brands and products.

I am always on the lookout for new subscription services that may appeal to healthy, green people to add to my Ultimate Guide to Crunchy-Friendly Subscription Boxes. Recently, a relatively new subscription box caught my eye. La Ritzy is a cruelty-free, vegan beauty subscription service that sends 4-5 sample and full-sized items in their box each month. Although they do not specifically brand themselves as a green beauty subscription, I have noticed that they tend to work with natural, organic, green beauty brands.

In celebration of Halloween, La Ritzy is currently offering new subscribers one month free with a 3-month subscription purchase. Enter the code HLWN3 at checkout to receive three months of La Ritzy for $50.00, including shipping. That brings the cost of each box down to $16.67/month. La Ritzy has already revealed that their November box will have a retail value of over $100 and will include this full-sized Palmetto Serum, packed with nourishing botanicals, as well as this GlamNatural Finishing Powder.

I just could not resist trying La Ritzy knowing that I will receive product value in the first month’s box alone that doubles my total cost for three months. I did not find the official details on the site as to when the code ends, so I would not wait too long if you are interested in taking advantage of this promotion. Are you going to get in on this sale?

**Barganic Alerts are an effort to spread awareness about affordable crunchy goods and services (and here’s why). They are not endorsements, nor am I compensated in any way. They tend to be time-limited, and often go quickly. To make sure that you are always in the know, subscribe to to receive emails of all Barganic Alerts as soon as they are posted**

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Barganic Alert: Kings Road Apothecary 3-day Fall Sale

Crunchy Parent Barganic Alert: Kings Road Apothecary 3-day fall sale

As seen in the Crunchy Parent Ultimate Guide to Crunchy-Friendly Subscription Boxes, King’s Road Apothecary is a indie herbal company owned by herbalist Rebecca Altman. KRA offers a subscription service of wildcrafted and handmade products through their monthly surprise boxes. The Kings Road Apothecary site also sells other handcrafted seasonal herbal products to support a healthier, happier body inside and out with items such as teas, elixirs, and salves; candles, oils, and serums.

In celebration of her upcoming birthday, Rebecca is offering 15% off all orders now through Monday night. Just enter the code HAPPYBIRTHDAY at checkout. Subscription boxes qualify for this promotion, and I noticed the September, October, and November boxes were all still available as of this writing, as are a handful of six-month subscription shares. In addition to the subscription boxes, services such as a private consultation with a custom made elixir; best-selling products like the Busted Joint Ointment; and subscription box favorites such as Coconut & Vanilla Sugar Scrub and Kava Kava & Palo Santo Massage Oil are all available to purchase.

To get a sense of what to expect from the Kings Road Apothecary Surprise Boxes, you can see my unboxing and reviews from prior months here. I will be reviewing the October box in the days ahead, but spoiler: it smelled wonderful and was a box filled with relaxation.

Are you going to take advantage of this sale? what are some of your favorite KRA products or healing and nourishing herbs?

**Barganic Alerts are an effort to spread awareness about affordable crunchy goods and services (and here’s why). They are not endorsements, nor am I compensated in any way. They tend to be time-limited, and often go quickly. To make sure that you are always in the know, subscribe to to receive emails of all Barganic Alerts as soon as they are posted**

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Beauty Heroes Subscription Box Unboxing and Review-September 2015

Beauty Heroes natural, green, subscription box

Beauty Heroes is a recently rebranded subscription service (formerly Spa Heroes). The Beauty Heroes mission is to provide products from the best of the best non-toxic, clean, green beauty brands to their customers. Each month Beauty Heroes sends one full size product, sometimes with a bonus surprise. Products are chosen to fit with the season, and are screened to avoid an impressive laundry list of villain ingredients such as parabens, mineral oil, and triclosan; and to include natural superpower ingredients to nurture your skin such as turmeric, reishi mushroom, and sea buckthorn. Beauty Heroes boxes cost $39.00/month (shipping included) and are less with multi-month subscriptions. Subscribe now and use code HEROLOVE to get $10 off of your first box. Orders placed by September 15th will receive the September box reviewed here, while supplies last.

When I first discovered Beauty Heroes, I mistakenly thought that they were based in the UK and did not ship to the US (I have no idea why). I was so happy to learn that I was wrong. Beauty Heroes is based in the US and will ship not only to the US but also to the UK, Canada, Australia, Sweden, and France (see site for details).

I purchased this box and was not compensated in any way for this review, although review may contain affiliate links. All opinions are my own.

If you would like to see the live-action unboxing, please enjoy the video unboxing below. If you prefer to skip right to the product close-ups and details, scroll down past the video.

The box came with a big, bright “Beauty Heroes” label. I opened it to find an enclosure announcing this month’s expert selection; listing the ingredients and highlighting why it was chosen (more on that in a moment). The enclosure also included an apropos quote from Maya Angalou, “When you know better, you do better,” and a handy pocket guide listing both villain and superpower ingredients to notice in cosmetic, skincare, and beauty products. I think that this pocket guide would be great to carry around as a reference when shopping for personal care items.

When I lifted up the puff of protective packing shred, I was delighted to see this month’s product mysteriously shrouded in tissue, and decked out in a bright red bow and matching red superhero mask. I thought that it was just adorable and made a clear and lasting impression that some beauty products can be superheroes for our health and beauty, whereas others may not. Tucked in next to my masked superhero product was a faithful “bonus” sidekick.

The brand being highlighted this month is Kahina Giving Beauty. I had become familiar with the brand when researching for A Night for Green Beauty. I had learned that Kahina is a woman-owned company started Katharine L’Heureux after travels to Morocco introduced her to argan oil, a seemingly wondrous skincare ingredient that the Berber women of Morocco have been using for generations to protect their skin against the rough desert conditions. Katharine brought together her years of experience working in public relations for many natural food and beauty brands, along with her philanthropic nature to develop Kahina Giving Beauty. Kahina partnered with the Berber women to establish cooperatives of women to provide high quality argan oil for the beauty line; providing these women with a fair wages and a sustainable source of income. For more on this incredible brand and the story behind their unique packaging, you can see the video above.

Just prior to A Night for Green Beauty I had cashed in Birchbox points that I had been squirreling away and had ordered a number of green beauty products that I wanted to try, including the Kahina facial cleanser. I have been using the cleanser for the last month or so and have been very happy with its efficacy, and its light, natural scent. My skin has been soft and balanced. When Beauty Heroes released its September pick and announced that it would feature a full size Kahina Giving Beauty product with a travel size sidekick, I was sold.

Beauty Heroes September 2015 subscription bo Kahina Giving Beauty Eye Serum

When I unwrapped my Beauty Hero product, I was gazing at a full size bottle of the Kahina Eye Serum (15 ml, value $78.00). As mentioned, Beauty Heroes had already revealed the box contents, so I knew that this was on the way to me, and I was very eager to try it. I have been on the lookout for a nourishing eye product. I tend to have a lot of darkness under my eyes, which I do not love. I also am very sensitive to eye products. Many of them have left me with scaly patches under my eyes that take a long time to correct. I was on the prowl for a gentle and effective eye serum that would be green and healthy for me as well. Facial and eye serums can be quite an investment so I was grateful to have the opportunity to try this eye serum from a trusted green beauty brand for a discounted price. I will add that a little drop of the serum is plenty for the area around both of my eyes so I can see this bottle lasting a very long time. The serum in light and non-greasy. It absorbs quickly and has a very gentle, natural scent. I have only been using it for a couple of days so I cannot comment much about efficacy, but I will say that the skin around my eyes is very soft and I have not had any sign of the serum drying out the super-sensitive skin under my eyes.

Beauty Heroes non-toxic Kahina Giving Beauty facial lotion

The sidekick product tucked in next to our hero was a generous travel size bottle of Kahina’s Facial Lotion (30 ml, stated value $37.00). This lightweight moisturizer also has a natural, gentle scent. It spread over my skin easily and absorbed quickly on its own, and I liked that I could enrich it even more for evening or dry weather by adding a drop or two of a facial oil (as I am prone to doing because I like to gild lilies). Moreover, in addition to being natural, mildly scented, and pleasant to use, both products came in Kahina’s beautiful dark glass bottle with pump dispensers, allowing me to use just the right amount of product and avoid contamination from the outside world (basically, my fingers).

Beauty Heroes September subscription box Kahina Giving Beauty

I am beyond thrilled with my first Beauty Heroes experience. The product quality, packaging, information, and value were all excellent. I must admit that I get a bit nervous with subscription services that send only one main product each month because it can be quite a gamble. I feel far safer betting on Beauty Heroes after seeing the brands that they have chosen to work with in the past and the extent to which they scrutinize products to make sure that they are sending out the true heroes of green beauty. Their list of avoided villain ingredients is the most extensive that I have seen of any green beauty subscription to date. In addition, Beauty Heroes releases the contents of their monthly box at the start of the month, allowing the month-to-month subscribers to skip the month for whatever reason if they wish (see Beauty Heroes FAQs for details). Beauty Heroes also maintains a shop of products from many of the brands that they have featured. All Beauty Heroes members are offered a 15% discount off of shop purchases at any time. In addition, the hero theme is carried out so brilliantly through the product inserts, consumer education, and packaging. I was right in my video prediction. That mask did make its way into the children’s hands. The next time I went into Asher’s room, I spied Bongo giving me the side eye.

Beauty Heroes mask finds a new superhero

I would love to hear your thoughts or experiences with Beauty Heroes. If you want to get your hands on this fantastic Kahina box, do not delay. You must order on or before Tuesday September 15th to receive this box. Remember to use the code HEROLOVE for $10 off of your first box. Orders placed September 16 or later will receive the October box as their first shipment.

If you would like to see my most recent listing of “crunchy-friendly” subscription boxes, you can find that here. It does not have Beauty Heroes on the list, but they will be added to the autumn update very soon. To see other crunchy subscription box video unboxings, look here on the Crunchy Parent You Tube channel. If you have any suggestions or requests for future videos, please let me know in the comments, and be sure to subscribe to Crunchy Parent.

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Barganic Alert-Beauty Heroes Awesome Spoiler and $10 off your first box

Kahina Giving Beauty at A Night for Green Beauty

A sampling of Kahina Giving Beauty products at A Night for Green Beauty

I may have been living under a rock, but Beauty Heroes is a subscription service that just came across my radar and hasn’t even been listed yet on my Crunchy Parent List of Crunchy-Friendly Subscription Boxes (fall update will be soon though). Actually, when I first heard of Beauty Heroes, I thought that they were in the U.K. and unavailable to me. No idea why I thought that, but I did.

Thank goodness that I figured it out because Beauty Heroes is a subscription service offering 100% non-toxic, luxurious, green beauty products. They just released their spoiler for their September box and it is amazing. Kahina Giving Beauty is an elite green beauty brand with a conscience and a wonderful social mission. Their products only use the highest quality natural ingredients like prickly pear seed oil, sea buckthorn, aloe vera, and coffee; with argan oil as their signature ingredient. They source their argan oil from cooperatives of Berber women in Morocco, providing them with social and economic freedom. Kahina Giving Beauty was one of the very impressive brands at A Night for Green Beauty this year, and I have been using their facial cleanser regularly since the event.

Beauty Heroes has released their spoiler for their September box and it will include a FULL SIZE bottle of Kahina Giving Beauty’s Eye Serum (yes, that’s a $78 value) and (there’s an and) a travel size bottle of Kahina Giving Beauty’s moisturizing Facial Lotion (value $37.00), for a total box value of $115. For real. Better yet, order now using code HEROLOVE and get $10 off the regular $39 box price for your first box (shipping included). Yes, if you did the math that is $29 for $115 of luxe green beauty skincare.

Beauty Heroes allows you to skip a month if you choose for any reason and you can cancel at any time. I have a feeling that this is going to be a new favorite subscription for me.

What do you think, are you grabbing one? The September Beauty Heroes box can be purchased anytime before September 15th, but according to the Beauty Heroes site, the quantities may be limited.

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