Vegan Cuts Beauty Subscription Box March 2016 Unboxing & Review

Crunchy Parent Vegan Cuts Beauty March 2016 Unboxing & Review.

About Vegan Cuts Beauty Box

The Vegan Cuts Beauty Box is a monthly subscription service that sends 4-7 vegan, cruelty-free cosmetic and skincare items in each box. Products are a mix of full and sample sizes. Items are paraben free and are often organic and natural.

Boxes cost $22.95 per month, which includes U. S. shipping. There are discounts for multi-month subscriptions. I purchased this box and was not compensated in any way for this review. All opinions are my own. To see unboxing from other months, look here.

Vegan Cuts Beauty Box: March Unboxed

If you would like to see the live-action unboxing the March 2016 Vegan Cuts box, please enjoy the video unboxing below. If you prefer to skip right to the product close-ups and details, scroll down past the video.

Each month, Vegan Cuts includes an information card that provides photos, a brief description, and valuing information for all items in the box. The card also included the code MARCHBEAUTY for $10 off any purchase of $50 or more at Vegan Cuts Beauty Shop. I think that Vegan Cuts (and their sister subscription company Goddess Provisions) have some of the best looking information cards that I’ve seen.

Vegan Cuts Beauty March 2016 unboxing & review-Pacifica, Shea Radiance, October Fields

I had seen the Vegan Cuts monthly preview video for March and was very excited to receive the first item that I pulled from the box. I love the Pacifica brand. They have an eye on quality ingredients; work to benefit the environment, and their products are cruelty free and affordable. The full-size Tunisian Jasmine Lime Roll-On Perfume (.33 oz., $12.00) is a new fragrance recently released by Pacifica. The scent blends the floral notes of jasmine and orange blossoms with a hint of fresh citrus.

I love Pacifica’s roll-on perfumes for their ease of application and their exclusive reliance on natural and essential oils to fragrance the products. They are a great alternative to artificially-fragranced perfumes. I have them in several scents and use them individually or in layers to make “custom” blended creations.

Next up was a bottle of Black Soap Body Cleanser by Shea Radiance (59 ml, $5.00). I have used facial cleansing products based on African black soap, but this is the first black soap body wash product that I have received. I was expecting that the body wash might have some texture due to the plantain and cocoa potash and the oatmeal included, but it was a smooth softening gel. I was pleasantly surprised by the fresh, mildly minty fragrance of the body wash; scented with blend of grapefruit, lavender, and spearmint essential oils.

The body wash left my skin feeling soft and moisturized. I think that it will be excellent for use this summer, when my skin is craving moisture and I can use a cool minty pick-me-up. Although labeled as a body wash, the Shea Radiance site indicates that the product can be used on face and hair as well. Many of the reviews praise it especially as a face wash for combination skin.

The third item that I found tucked in the box was a scented, soy-wax, tea light candle from October Fields (value $1.00). I can always use tea light candles so I was happy to find this in the box.

Vegan Cuts Beauty March 2016 unboxing & review-Everclen, Erthlab Cosmetics, DermOrganic

I was intrigued by the box of Everclen Eye Cream that I spied next (.5 oz., $20.00). I was not familiar with this brand previously, but I liked that they formulate specifically for sensitive skin types. I have mentioned before that the skin around my eyes is especially sensitive relative to the rest of my skin, so an eye cream for sensitive skin seemed right up my alley. I appreciate that the ingredients list doesn’t include any artificial fragrance. I’ll need to take a closer look at all of the product ingredients to consider if it looks like a good fit for me and my uber-sensitive under-eye area.

The next item was another previewed item. The DermOrganic 8-Way Thermal Spray (2 oz., $10.00) is designed to protect hair from heat damage due to styling. The spray is also formulated to protect hair color from fading. The DermOrganic spray is gluten-free as well as being free of paragons, phthalates, sulfates, dyes, and artificial preservatives.

The final item in the box was a full size Vegan Eye Liner from Earthlab Cosmetics. This black mineral-based eyeliner uses jojoba and other natural oils and waxes as its base. Vegan Cuts had sent out an Earthlab Cosmetics vegan mascara in their January box. Clearly they are fans of this vegan, green beauty brand.

March Vegan Cuts Beauty Box: Overall Impressions

Crunchy Parent Vegan Cuts Beauty Subscription Box March 2016 unboxing & review

I really liked this box by Vegan Cuts. I appreciate that they take time to curate a balanced box of vegan products. The March box had items for skin, hair, body, home, cosmetics, and a fragrance. I was happy to find some new brand and product discoveries. I know that many of them will really brighten my spring. Although it is still up to each consumer to review product ingredients to determine goodness-of-fit, the products in the box are greener than most conventional counterparts, and free of many nasties. As a reminder, if you’re in the market for a green vegan lifestyle subscription, Vegan Cuts’ sister company, Goddess Provisions offers a lifestyle box where all of the items are cruelty-free, vegan, and green/natural. I love that box too (see Goddess Provisions reviews here).

The overall value of this month’s box is The value of this month’s box is $68.00. I think that this is a fantastic value for the $22.95 box price. I also appreciate that the items were all full size or generous deluxe-sample sizes that will allow me to get a good sense of product performance over an extended period of time. I think that the Shea Radiance Black Soap Body Cleanser is my favorite new discovery in the box so far. Did you find a new favorite in this month’s Vegan Cuts? If you would like to see my reviews of past Vegan Cuts Beauty Boxes, look here.

If you are curious to learn about the April Vegan Cuts box, they have released a sneak-peek video that reveals two fantastic spoiler items.

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