Beauty Heroes Luxury Green Beauty Subscription Unboxing & Review: January 2016

Crunchy Parent Beauty Heroes Luxe Green Beauty Subscription Unboxing & Review January 2016

Beauty Heroes is a luxe green beauty subscription service. The Beauty Heroes mission is to provide their customers with products from the very best non-toxic, clean, green beauty brands. Each month Beauty Heroes sends one full size luxury product, sometimes with a smaller bonus item (because every superhero loves a good sidekick). Products are chosen to fit with the season, and are screened to avoid an impressive laundry list of villain ingredients such as parabens, mineral oil, and triclosan; and to include natural superpower ingredients to nurture your skin such as turmeric, reishi mushroom, and sea buckthorn.

Beauty Heroes boxes cost $39.00/month (shipping included) and are less with multi-month subscriptions. In addition, all Beauty Heroes members receive 15% off of any purchase from the Beauty Heroes online clean beauty shop.

I purchased this box and was not compensated in any way for this review, although review may contain affiliate links. This simply means that if you join Beauty Heroes through my links, I may receive a small compensation, which allows be to put more dollars back into the blog. All opinions are my own. To see my other Beauty Heroes unboxings and reviews, look here.

If you would like to see the live-action unboxing, please enjoy the video unboxing below. If you prefer to skip right to the product close-ups and details, scroll down past the video.

The box came with a big, bright “Beauty Heroes” label. I opened it to find an enclosure reviewing the brand and products highlighted (more on that in a moment), as well a handy pocket guide listing both villain and superpower ingredients to notice in cosmetic, skincare, and beauty products.

This month’s expert selection comes from the brand Osmia Organics. I had the opportunity to talk a bit with the Osmia Organics founder, Dr. Sarah Villafranco at A Night for Green Beauty this past summer. A former ER physician with a passion for healthy skincare, Sarah began making soap before expanding her formulations and her company to include skincare and natural perfumes. Osmia Organics, whose name references the ability to detect scent, places great importance on the quality and function of the ingredients in their products. As mentioned in the video, Sarah’s article about emulsifiers and their environmental impact left a lasting impression; giving me a better appreciation for body oils and healthier emulsifying agents.

Beauty Heroes surprised and delighted me by sending a box packed full of goodies this month. As with the November box, Beauty Heroes sent a pair of Superhero products (which always makes me think of the Wonder Twins because I’m over 40 and these are my reference points for such things). In addition, Beauty Heroes tucked in a helpful sidekick product, and a great accessory item a la Wonder Woman’s invisible jet.

Beauty Heroes January 2016-Osmia Organics face cream

This month’s box contained a full-size bottle of Osmia Organic’s Purely Simple Face Cream (1.7 oz., value $60.00). This aloe juice-based cream is lightweight and designed for those with normal or sensitive skin, in particular those who may have perioral dermatitis, a condition that has inspired many of Sarah’s gentle formulations.

My skin tends toward dryness, especially in the dry winter months so this may be too lightweight for me to use right now. I can see this cream being a good fit for my face during the more humid summer months when my skin needs less added moisture. It might also be a smart choice for Eva, whose almost-teenaged skin could benefit from a lightweight, gentle moisturizer in winter.

Beauty Heroes-Osmia Organics black clay soap and exclusive pre-launch nectar vital rose drops face serum

Partnered with the face cream was a full-size bar of Black Clay Facial Soap (2.25 oz., value $24.00). You can read more about the soap and how it compares to traditional African Black Soap here. Beauty Heroes also included a small soap saver (value $2.00), which is the perfect accessory to protect any bar soap from being softened and prematurely melted away by residual water.

The final treasure tucked into the box was the bonus sidekick item. This extra-special sidekick was an exclusive launch to Beauty Heroes members; a small dropper bottle of the yet-to-be-released Nectar Vital Rose Drops Face Serum (value $10.00). As the product has not yet been made available to the public, I was unable to find much information about the ingredients or the product online. I can say that it smells divine. There is the distinct scent of roses, but based on fragrance alone I would venture to guess that other florals and non-floral botanicals play a role as well. The serum is fairly light and easily absorbed, leaving a silky feeling on the skin. I often add several drops of facial serums or oils to my moisturizer step to enrich my moisturizer, which is precisely how Osmia Organics suggests using this precious product.

Crunchy Parent Beauty Heroes non-toxic organic green beauty subscription unboxing & review Osmia OrganicsJan 2016 – Version 3

I continue to be impressed with the quality of natural, green brands and products that Beauty Heroes brings to its members each month. There has been such exciting growth in the green beauty industry, especially among small companies driven by knowledgeable, passionate, creative individuals and teams. I so appreciate the extent to which Beauty Heroes researches their brand partners and curates great boxes month-to-month that over time build a high-quality and effective natural beauty collection. The value of this month’s box was an incredible $96.00.

Historically, Beauty Heroes has focused on products for skin, body, and hair. With the new year, Beauty Heroes has announced some new expansion plans to include cosmetic items as well. Beauty Heroes will aim to focus on universally-flattering shades to complement all of their members. I’m excited to see what these changes will bring in the months ahead. What do you think about adding cosmetics to the Beauty Heroes boxes? If you want to be sure to be among the first to see how Beauty Heroes will bring Luxe green beauty cosmetics to their members, be sure to sign up.

If you would like to see my most recent listing of “crunchy-friendly” subscription boxes, you can find that here. To see other crunchy subscription box video unboxings, look here. If you have any suggestions or requests for future videos, please let me know in the comments, and be sure to subscribe to Crunchy Parent and the Crunchy Parent YouTube channel!

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Barganic Alerts: What they are and why I strive to highlight affordable healthy living

PinkMoose / Foter / CC BY

You may have noticed that I post a lot of “Barganic Alerts” and that may have you wondering what they are and why I bother making such a fuss about them. Bargainic Alert is a term that I coined when I started writing this blog in its first iteration back in 2007, before the crash (read more about that here). I developed the term to clarify that I was pointing out a good or even great deal on an organic, eco-friendly, or otherwise crunchy product. The reason that it was, and continues to be especially important for me to broadcast these deals is because making healthy, green, crunchy choices often comes at a higher price point than more conventional ones. As a result, families may shy away from crunchy practices not because they are not interested, but because they get sticker shock, feel financially overwhelmed, and just conclude that crunchy options are too expensive to be available to them.

I really want people to have access to the choices that they wish to make, and that they believe are the best fit for their families. My children and I often have discussions about needing to allocate resources mindfully; to find a balance between time, talent, money, and desire. Everyone, no matter what their station in life will find at times that they want more than they have, or that their resources will allow. They then get to decide where they want to channel their time, talent, and money; and which desires are worth striving for, or living without.

In the case of my family, Rich and I both worked and put ourselves through graduate and professional school in the earlier years of our marriage and family, leaving us with very little disposable income. In addition, we have always been a single income family. My employment was a condition of my graduate studies, and thus did not pay for much more than the cost of tuition compensation or the expense of daycare to allow me to be there to complete my degree once Eva was born. As with most single income families, my being home with the kids comes with a tradeoff; there is less money in the bank account. Three years ago, when Rich was laid off from his job, we were suddenly a zero income family (save unemployment) with no idea of how long it would be before new employment would be found. Moreover, we were still reeling from the medical expenses of my cancer treatment on the heels of a high risk pregnancy and delivery. We were scrutinizing every expenditure that we made, and trying our hardest to make every purchasing choice a wise one. I say this not to elicit sympathy; we are fine and grateful, and Rich is happily employed once again. My point however, is that there are ways to be crunchy and live frugally at the same time; that living a more natural, attachment-friendly lifestyle can and should be available to those who want it, regardless of wealth. Hence, me shouting from the hilltops when I have a Barganic Alert to share.

The first crunchy bargain that I can remember finding was at a children’s resale event. I did not even have any children yet (I’m always one to plan ahead,) still I could not resist this sweet little soft doll with knotted hands and a gentle face. Not being familiar with Waldorf Education at the time either, I did not know that I was face-to-face with a Waldorf blanket doll, or that the $1 price tag was a steal, but he came home with me nevertheless. About a year later when I was newly pregnant with Eva, a visit to a children’s resale store introduced me to a gorgeous Maya Wrap sling for $10 that I went on to use to wear all three of my children.

Ready to rock the 4th of July in the Maya Wrap

Ready to rock the 4th of July in the Maya Wrap

I continued to keep my eyes out for crunchy bargains as I prepared for Eva’s birth. I knew that I wanted to use cloth diapers, but was overwhelmed by the cost. I poured over diaper sites looking for deals so that I could amass a usable system (daycare would use pocket dipes for her but they weren’t going to be bikini twisting any prefolds). I built up my stash with a dozen precious Kissaluvs size 0s and larger sizes that I got on sale for being second quality, Fuzzibunz seconds where the print was sewn inside out, hemp prefolds that were stitched in slightly the wrong dimensions, and ProRaps diaper cover seconds that had mildly wonky stitching. Everything was new, adorable, and still worked just fine, they were just a little less pretty to the trained eye.

Years later, I stocked the play kitchen with small dishes and wooden bowls found at the thrift store, bought a deeply discounted Moby Wrap in a style being discontinued on Amazon, and snapped up organic cotton sheet sets and blankets for the whole family when a company had a closeout sale (the latter was a Barganic Alert from years ago). I looked for ways to support health and beauty for my family and in our home that resonated with an attachment parenting lifestyle, yet still worked within our minimal budget. I participated in many mama swaps where crunchy goods, crafts, or talents were traded. I have organized and joined co-ops and CSAs. I have filled my gardens and pantry by participating in seed, plant, and food swaps. I treasure every crunchy bargain that I have ever gotten. I see it as the Universe and I being in partnership toward providing my family the crunchy lifestyle that I think fits us. It is my absolute commitment. I honestly believe that where there is a will, there is a way.

Now all of this is not to say that I don’t buy crunchy products at full retail as well. I absolutely do, and I believe that it is important to support companies whose products we value with our dollars when we can. In addition, I try to “pay it forward” when I get a good deal by sharing it with others, but also by advertising the product (and crunchy choices in general). I cannot tell you the number of people who have stopped me over the years and asked me about that $10 Maya Wrap sling or that sale Moby as I wore my babies in them; who chatted with me about cloth diapers after seeing me pull one from the diaper bag and demystify the idea of cloth. I know that there have been many slings, wraps, and cloth diapers purchased by families who saw me using mine, and who let me tell them all about, and show them how to use them.

As I said before, we all have to allocate out time, talents, and money. For some, I hope that Barganic Alerts will make you aware of a great company or resource that was previously unfamiliar to you, whether you take advantage of the deal or not. For others, it may allow you to provide a crunchy treasure for your family that might otherwise have been beyond your reach. If you all lived nearby I’d tell you when organic stone fruit or berries were on sale at the grocery store too, and we could all make jam together. I’d send out an alert when my friends were putting together a group order for raw, organic, local honey. We could start a really great co-op. Since we don’t all share the same neighborhood, broadcasting Barganic Alerts to my online crunchy community is the best that I can do for now.

Barganic Alerts are generally precious and limited. Some are first come, first served. Others may be for a brief period of time. I think that they are usually pretty fantastic, and I often take advantage of them for myself and my family. If you want to make sure that you do not miss out on a Barganic Alert, I encourage you to subscribe to so that you can be emailed directly whenever I post a new alert. If you tend to spend more time on Twitter or Pinterest, you can subscribe to me there too as Crunchy_Parent and I will do my best to tweet and pin the Barganic Alerts as well so that you are sure to see them.

If you see a great bargain on a crunchy product or service that you think is worth sharing, please let us all know. Comment here, send a tweet, or email me directly at

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