Photo credit: Inti via / CC BY

I have been missing you all. I want you to know that I have not drifted off to sea. I have however been plagued by what I can only assume to be gremlins. I have always had trouble getting my photos and WordPress to agree. WordPress often wants my photos to appear in a different direction than I would like, but I had figured out a work around for that problem for the most part. Then however WordPress began to reject my photos outright, refusing to upload them with any consistency. I managed to find a few tricks that generally avoided the problem, but required two or three extra steps for every photo upload and tripled the time it took me to complete each post. A pain, but not insurmountable. Not to be outsmarted, WordPress upped the game and began rejecting those too with a flippant “Http Error.”Now I can’t find any way to get photos to upload consistently and keep ending up with only partially completed posts as a result. The word on the street is that my iPhone and WordPress do not see eye to eye right now.

Feeling a bit forgotten, the videos acted up too. The memory storage on my phone maxed out and then on my computer hard drive as well. There was a lot of saving and transferring involved. I kept going through the motions, but couldn’t seem to gain any space back. Fortunately we figured out that problem and I uploaded a truckload of videos to YouTube. When I began editing, some YouTube glitch had started dropping the audio out of the videos at random points even though the audio was fine in the raw files.

This all made my brain hurt. I promise I’m trying to make my way back and have a lot of unboxings, recipes, and thoughts to share. I also have a craft tutorial in the works but want to get the video sorted out before getting in too deep there.

Thank you for your patience, Rich has promised that he will spend some time this weekend trying to troubleshoot the photo piece and I’ll proceed with the video. I will be back soon!

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